What is a Teaching of Survival? The shortest answer to that question would be that it is a series of books written by Dr. Luule Viilma. These books are focused on. Results 1 – 12 of 48 Diseases of the digestive system / Bolezni pishchevaritelnoy sistemy. by Viilma Luule. Currently unavailable. Luule Viilma. K likes. Andestus on tahe suhelda, tahe tingimusteta armastada, tahe hing vaimuga täiuslikuks tervikuks ühendada. Andestus on hingepuhtus.

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Our stresses cause our illnesses. Feel the love, when you write about being blessed with certain people in your life. You see, I went to Veliko Tarnovo and finally got my computer and it broke the next day!

Feel good about yourself, give a pat to yourself: Today I was looking her books and a topic stood out — men. And only when you change them from negative to positive you viilms be truly free, happy and peaceful.

D But for someone learning about spirituality not so much. Negativity draws more negativity.

Maybe tears will fall down from your eyes, I know I cried the first time I read about it and tears are falling also now, while writing this for You! Luule believes that everyone can be the best doctors to themselves biilma forgiving to the stresses that cause the illnesses and giving the energy of love to ourselves and to the infected body.


You are beautiful and talented and so special, you deserve the best in life, you deserve love. Our core beliefs influence everything in our lives! We hate them, we hurt them physically, we feed crap and poison into them, complain about them. Neelam rated it really liked it Feb 17, How to change negative core beliefs. If you feel bad, then you have a problem.

Ordering the book in English language

The concept of healing with a vijlma mind was born from the understanding of the wider meaning of illnesses and from the desire to cure people without hurting them. You can do it sitting down, lying on bed, while taking a walk or washing dishes.

Sorry for not noticing all the signals your Body sent you! She also talks a lot a about relationship between man and women.

What does she teach exactly? I have been constant no breaks over a week in couple of years now.

Luule Viilma – Daughter of the Sun

Birgith rated it it was amazing Aug 24, Do you love yourself? It is so easy to blame everything on others. Now you may ask, why do you need to do all this work and forgiving?


Natalia Krychtina rated it it was amazing Nov 03, Luule Viilma was an estonian doctor, esotericist and practitioner of alternative lkule.

Heiki Eesmaa rated it liked it Feb 19, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Here are some I wrote for myself: Sometimes it takes years to accumulate, other times Our Body reacts instantly. I started off just writing about school, crushes, friends, the usual teen stuff and went to a complain mode after.

About Luule Viilma

This book is one doctor’s summary about the search for painless healing. As many times as you want, as many times until you feel warm loving energy all around you! By sending love you will heal that part of you!