Similarly, you can use any of the Mordheim warbands in Lustria – Cities of Gold as well. TERRAIN Many players will want to establish house. Chaqua, the City of Gold, is a Temple-City of the Lizardmen located in the center of Lustria, northwards from Itza. Chaqua is rightly called the City of Gold, for the. Evil Druchii ambush a Tilean warband intent on plundering a Lustrian temple. Dark Elves and how to model Lustrian terrain in Lustria – Cities of Gold on pages .

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Place the Hero and the Cold One 6″ away from each other, the Cold One automatically gets the first turn and charges. These vines and trees count as ladders for the purpose of moving up and down the buildings. Any model fighting in a shallow stream while wearing light armour will be considered out of action if it is stunned. All Skinks in an enemy warband hate all members of the warband other than the bearer of the Statue. A brief word on treesMany players will find very creative ways to make trees in Lustria that are both functional from a game standpoint and attractive to put on the table.

Circlet of the Slann This Circlet imbues the user with the amphibious nature of the Slann. Treat him as not being in combat. These arrows explode in a bright light of magic once they hit something.

If the plant suffers a wound in any round, roll against its leadership. This amulet may be worn by any Hero.


Bring horrific realism to the dread awfulness that is the City of the Damned. This plaque may be carried by a wizard. All rules follow the Mordheim Rulebook except as noted otherwise. In Lustria, the Warbands search for Valuables, in the form of gems, gold items, and exotic furs or stones, rather than Wyrdstone. If an enemy receives a wound from the Plaque Sword he must make a disease roll after the battle.

This sword may be carried by any Hero with a Lustriw of at least 3. An interesting scenario to try is “kidnapped” from WDwhere a Lizardmen player takes over the role of the Possessed in sacrificing a captive. We put out seven tokens on the board token 4 was the treasure chest. On cjties roll of 1, the Hero recognizes this battle from the pool and refuses to take gol in it as he is afraid that he will be killed.

Mordheim Resources and Supplements. Roll to wound as normal. The pikemen will go first.

Campaign Setting – Lustria, Cities of Gold

Its makes its bearer immune to all poisons. If this brings the Hero to more wounds than his maximum number, roll cuties D6. The surface of the pool is moving slightly like clouds in a spring breeze. The same rules govern this hazard as the tar pit, except that the model has D6 turns in which to be saved. See the “About” page for more details.

You may always re-roll one die when making Exploration rolls. The Hero gains the aquatic ability and may move double through water. Or just want to show off your painting skills.

Campaign Setting – Lustria, Cities of Gold – [PDF Document]

Nuno M June 16, at 8: Emerald of the Moon While searching a long dead corpse of a Dark Elf adventurer your hero found a small yellow gem. In addition, enemies may only spot Hidden models wearing a Chameleon Skink Skin at half their Initiative value. It is still on the body of a Tilean explorer that had been caught in a vicious trap.


The fur can be sold for 2D6 gc. Mordheim Living Rulebook Official click to download This is the official ruleset, updated as of the lustriq errata. The Lizardmen see this as a type of Holy Icon. Our suggestions for lustriq trees are: Benjamin Neale July 17, at 5: One of these gifts was a pendant in the shape of golx terradon, blessed with the power of teleportation. Make a note of this on your Warbands roster sheet.

We have included a separate table for multi-player scenarios as this setting works very well with these games. Tree bases made in a “jigsaw puzzle pattern” work very well this glod. Aquatic models suffer no reduction of their base move when swimming against the current of a slow moving river but may not swim against the current of a fast lusteia river. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

If the Hero wounds an enemy who fails his armour save, the Hero gains a wound.