Just eat according to the LOGI® Method! •. Following the LOGI® Method helps stabilize blood sugar levels and improves your body’s ability to burn fat. LOGI LOGIsch oder Unsinn? Grundzüge Glykämische Last einschränkung schneller KH, Fettmodifiziert, Eiweißreich NST-Relation Prinzipien. La pyramide de l engagement – [PDF Document] Die LOGI Pyramide ist eine Ãœbersicht für die LOGI-Methode und unterteilt die Lebensmittel nach ihrer.

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Lgoi may also be eaten. Cookies Consent Allow Label. On the penultimate stage of the pyramid are the whole grains and brown rice and pasta. At the top of the pyramid grain products are made from refined flour white flourpositioned floury potatoes and sweets, this should rarely or never consumed.

Logi method

Logi can be classified as so-called low -carb diet. In the method of the blood sugar level remains constant during a diet that does not consider the glycemic load. Since the Glycemic Index to Worms believes ” only half the truth ” isit defines logistics as “Low Glycemic and insulinemic “, ie pyrmaide low blood sugar and insulin levels.

For this diet similar criticism made of low-carb apply. In additionmore than half of patients stop taking drugs oral agents and insulin and in the other a reduction of about half of it was possible. Free or low- intensity strength fruit and vegetables and healthy oils form the basis of nutrition pyrmide. Worm will not be understood as a diet, but as a permanent dietthe Logi method.

Laufen, walken, schwimmen, radeln — ideal sind dreimal die Woche 30 bis 60 Minuten. Meanwhile, three other clinical studies from Germany have verified the effectiveness of the LOGI method.


ChromeFirefox or Safari. Hier gelangen Sie zur Kursdatenbank. In die Berechnung geht nur das Gesamtgewicht ein. Diabetes research and clinical practice ; On the second level of the pyramid sources of protein such as lean meat, poultry and richer or leaner fish and dairy products, eggs, nuts and legumes are to be found. Kontakt und Beratung Leistungen von A-Z. Weight loss logii obese patients with type 2 diabetes: However, in the Logi – less method of GI glycemic index and more the GL glycemic load for the selection of food is usedwhich distinguishes them from those listed.

Unausgewogen und einseitig in der Lebensmittelauswahl. In Germany, it was adapted by the German nutritionist Nicolai Pyrajide and published in late in book form. Logi pyraamide there for the abbreviation for LowGlycemic Index English: Carbohydrates Short Chain Carbohydrates.

Bevorzugen Sie kleinere Portionen bzw. This website is optimized for your Browser versions unknwon and higher.

Pre-Workout Booster Booster mit Kick. Please switch to a different browser e. An exception is patients whose uric acid levels due to a kidney disease whose renal function is pyrwmide high and restricted.

Journal of nutrition and metabolism ; That pyrwmide, they do not have to be completely removed from the dietbut should be eaten in limited quantities. This highlight is only available for desktop devices. From these foods something should be built into every meal. It should be based on the food selection at the 4-level Logi pyramid that illustrates graphically in the style of the usual diet pyramidsthe weighting of the recommended food choices.

The Logi method is a low carbohydrate diet reduced formlyramide is based on nutritional recommendations for overweight children pyramlde adolescents obesity clinic at Harvard University Children’s Hospital. Your browser is not up to date and may not be compatible with our website.


Vermeiden Sie das Naschen zwischendurch oder vor dem Fernseher. A randomized controlled trial on the efficacy of carbohydrate-reduced or fat-reduced diets in patients attending a telemedically guided weight loss program. The published European Diogenes study, involving families have participated with overweight adults and childrensupports the theory of Logi method by showing that a protein-rich diet with llgi proportion preventing overweight or facilitates the removal can be prevented the yo- yo effect and most easily implemented in everyday life permanently.

For example, this blood fat levels are lowered and prevented the formation of fat deposits.

Gesunde Ernährung

Unlike the Atkins diet but foods with carbohydrates in a much greater degree are allowed. Digital – Version Info. The increased protein intake should be calorically advantageous addition to the long -lasting satiation in the course of specific dynamic action in digestion.

Richten Sie Ihre Fragen an uns.

Protein with high tolerance. For example, even the German Institute of Human Nutrition questioned in an opinion from the year to the importance of the glycemic index on the body weight gain. They have a medium GIbut produce at the usual serving size because of their high carbohydrate contenta relatively high glycemic load. Use of Cookies Wir verwenden Cookies, um unsere Webseite bestmoeglich durch personalisierte Inhalte und Anzeigen an die Besucher anpassen zu koennen.

However, the sweeter the fruitthe greater the amounts of sugar and carbohydratesit can contain and result in a relatively high glycemic loadso here restraint is displayed. Alkohol sollte immer eine Ausnahme sein. Testosterone Booster Testo Booster Complex.