Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Lise Haines is Writer in Residence at Emerson College, has held a Briggs-Copeland lectureship at Harvard, and was a . Review. Girl in the Arena. by Lise Haines. Eighteen-year-old Lyn has lived her entire life in the world of gladiators, and this modern-day version. Uber enters the arena first to thundering applause. I’ve read in Sword and Shield that he rubs a quart of Glow on his skin before a match.

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. There are other things that bothered me, but I don’t care to go into all that, especially since I pretty much love this book despite all the flaws.

Not just one person, but a whole community of people. This book is about Lyn, who has had seven gladiator fathers, due to her mothers career as a Haiines wife.

View all 7 comments. Showing of reviews. The Gladiator Wives element, for example, drove me crazy as a non-techy major change in society. But I did not understand her brother. Things are looking pretty bleak for Lyn as well, due to the fact that because of gladiator rules, she has to marry her last father’s killer If I had a random bracelet that would cause me to be engaged to a guy if he touched it, you bet your butt I’d lock that thing up in a freaking bank vault. Recommended for fans of dystopian YA or those who like fiction featuring reality TV.


Was not happy about references to animals being used in ring by organization in charge of gladiators. This is not the review to read to decide whether or not you want to read the book.

I assumed, and I’m sure a lot of other people did as well, that it would be similar to The Hunger Gamesdue to the title and the summary on the inside cover. This book is more of a family-oriented story with a slight touch of dystopia. It was a novice writer’s move and a lazy editor thinking it might be seen as edgy and futuristic.

Girl in the Arena

Surprisingly, Girl in the Arena lingered in my mind days after I finished reading it so the story must have made more of an impression that I initially thought.

And, having read the book, a certain aspect of the cover is sort of glaringly inaccurate.

Haines crafts a society with mores and a time line based on current day that it is oft indistinguishable from our own world. It was an ugly time in history.

GIRL IN THE ARENA by Lise Haines | Kirkus Reviews

I wanted to see her really fight and stand up for her beliefs in a passionate manner but this allowed her an easy gir and was disconcerting to say the least. Feb 03, Deb rated it thw was amazing Recommends it for: Girl in the Arena starts off with a Prologue which details the history of the Gladiator Sports Association.


Girl in the Arena is an interesting story concept taking place in a society where gladiator-style fights to the death are big business, high-stakes sports.

You’re not missing much.

Girl in the Arena by Lise Haines

I like how Uber is considered one of the fiercest Neo-gladiators but usually appeared clumsy and awkward with Lyn. Lyn isn’t gril bad character, I just couldn’t stay connected to the story.

The execution not so much If you are looking for a good gladiator read or something on the level of The Hunger Games, look elsewhere. But see, I don’t. We only get her impressions of things, her feelings of those things.

The Girl in the Arena

I wanted it to be something my girls could enjoy, so of course it needed a killer YA selection. There’s a lot that happened in this novel and I kind of felt like the story was spread a little too thin. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

I like how Mark and his parents protected and helped Lyn in times of trouble.