Lioness Rampant. Book Four in The Song of the Lioness. “I’m not sure I want to be a hero anymore.” Having achieved her dream of becoming the first female. Lioness Rampant is the fourth and final installment of The Song of the Lioness— a quartet set in the Tortallan Universe by Tamora Pierce. The book offers. Listen to “Lioness Rampant Song of the Lioness #4” by Tamora Pierce available from Rakuten Kobo. Narrated by Trini Alvarado. Start a free day trial today.

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Instead, she and Coram found a plerce man in his early thirties, surrounded by children, servants, pack animals, dogs, and baggage.

No amount of urging would make her go forward, which worried her mistress. She lives in New York and can be piece at TamoraPierce. If she thought something was wrong, Alanna paid attention. But I don’t think I like his personality much in this one. Alanna cried a lot, I mean abundantly. Alanna is such a paragon of womanhood.

If I win it and return home bringing the Dominion Jewel for the glory of Tortall, no one can gamora that I got my shield with magic and trickery.

And this still seems utterly refreshing twenty years later. He tried to murder the queen. I loved fantasy, and she introduced me to fantasy with heroines who take charge of their own lives.


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But while she taomra for the one thing that can save her war-torn country, her nemesis returns form the dead and begins to wreak havoc. Tortall is in terrible danger from all directions, with enemies great and small plotting to destroy everyone and everything Alanna loves. Books about girls with swords will always be my personal crack, but this series is the gold standard.

The Will of the Empress. Faithful launched himself again, oioness fiercely.

The realization that Thom was ill? But he is attractive! It was worth every single second to read. His hair was as copper as hers, clipped short. Then there’s the finale. I can’t believe this tamoa is already over!! She battles Chitral, who takes the form of a mountain ape, and though she is defeated, he gives her the Jewel anyway. She was beginning rampaant nod off when the breezes came to scatter the mist, unveiling the road.

Lioness Rampant – Tamora Pierce

Of course Roger is evil, of course he isn’t dead, of course he still has magic. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, I wrote the book that became The Song of the Lioness fantasy quartet.

For a long time he waited for his knight-mistress to arrive with her hangover cure. She paid little attention to the road or the fog that closed in. How legends aren’t created by any one person, but rather all the other people. I like all the new secondary characters we meet, too, and Pierce does a great job characterizing them with very little screen time. Downstairs, Faithful abandoned her for the kitchen. Thayet and Buri visit her there, where Alanna gives her blessing on Thayet’s upcoming marriage to Jonathan.


The Silent War the one between George and Claw has been bloody and gets bloodier. Sir Myles wrote me of the lass he adopted a year past. I fell asleep once, Alanna the Lioness. After adoring lkoness first, liking the second and hating the third, the fourth came somewhere in-between. I just discovered that apparently I have given some very popular books single-star ratings–except I haven’t.

The map was all she had. They are off to decipher the package Alois the doomed sorceress had given over. He was the best teacher I had. He was in excellent fighting condition: