In RE today, we watched the documentary of this book, and actually seeing where the characters lived, and hearing their voices makes the book more real and. Patricia McCormick (born May 23, ) is an American journalist and writer of realistic fiction for young adults. She has twice been a finalist for the National. Prospecto de un nuevo periodico intitulado La Guardia vendida por el Centinela y la traicion descubierta por el oficial de dia Vendida: McCormick, Patricia.

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Sold by Zana Muhsen

The style of writing does not make it great literature, but I imagine the ghost writer kept to the style in which Zana told her incredible story.

It’s not the most well-written piece in the world, but I’ll cut her some slack for being ripped from her native country of England at the young age of 16 and forced vwndida speak another language for 8 years while she was beaten, raped, enslaved, and lied to, and as an added bonus, she got to watch her younger sister go through the same shit in the next town over.

Mas Nadia, a sua filha e um sobrinho continuam ainda prisioneiros. Dec 25, Abilio rated it it was amazing.

However, everyone has hindsight and if we are honest, we patriciz all look back on things and wonder why we did them, but they made sense at the time. Her books rely heavily on research and interviews.

I have no idea if things have changed. To view it, click here. Nadia stayed behind to be with her children. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.


Living in the contemporary Middle East, it was hard to imagine that this happens but in small towns and underdeveloped countries, undoubtedly it does. Also shameful is that England did nothing, until the press became involved.

Patricia McCormick (author)

Rian This is very much a real thing in common day, all over the world. Another book, though, that I cannot rate with a number of stars because it’s somebody’s LIFE we’re talking about. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. One whom I personally would love to see drawn and quartered in a public square, just like they do to evil-doers in his neck of the woods!

I usually find autobiographies or books that are telling a real life event kind of boring, and I normally find myself skipping some pages. Their mother fought tirelessly for many years to get them back.

To write her novel SoldMcCormick traveled to the brothels of India and the mountain villages of Nepal to interview survivors of sex trafficking.

Patricia McCormick (author) – Wikipedia

Please read the sequel to this book “Promise to Nadia”. I just can’t imagine, modern British girls being sold to Arab men and to lead life of peasants among the deserts and mountains of Yemen, with no modern facilities, and forced to be the slaves of their in-laws! So I got that goin’ for me One of the girls manages to escape, leaving behind her young child and her sister who could not bear to abandon her own child.

There is absolutely nothing nice to be said about such a man! It took me a long of time to read the book and the edition I read didn’t help. Retrieved 20 March She had lost two other children in a similar manner previous to these tw Fascinating story, but poorly written. I don’t know what became of their father, the man responsible for selling them to vendia Yemeni families for pounds each. E questi sono solo alcuni esempi: Their Dad, convinces the girls to “go patircia vacation to visit family in Yemen”, where, upon their arrival at the relatives village, he sells them into marriage and returns to the UK.


Mi dispiace, ma non posso fare altrimenti. The first one, Sold, details how the sister, Zana, eventually got out of Yemen.

Mar 24, Rana Abid rated it it was amazing. Andrew Crofts Goodreads Author. The story only comes to prove that still nowadays, there are many problems in third world countries, that seem to be from years ago. Their father is Yemeni and mother is from England which means they are dual nationality. I am relieved that the UK has completely overhauled it’s attitude to forced marriages and Zana’s mother would get help and support to get her children out of this situation if it happened now.

Every day they walked over rocky terrain to draw water from a well; they were battered and raped and gave birth virtually on their own.