Sacrifice has ratings and reviews. This is not the time for the fight to end. Now is when the fight will begin. This is the time to regain what. Lee “Sacrifice” por Cayla Kluver con Rakuten Kobo. This is not the time for Legacy ebook por Cayla Kluver Libro 1 · Allegiance ebook por Cayla Kluver Libro 2. Lee “Legacy” por Cayla Kluver con Rakuten Kobo. A CROWN Allegiance ebook por Cayla Kluver Libro 2. Sacrifice ebook por Cayla Kluver Libro 3.

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The men were what ultimately made this series better with Alera sitting around complaining how she has no power, how she was supposed to rule Hytanica, and how she was especially chosen, blah, blah, blah. Endearing, clean, I am impressed! Unfortunately, not only does Alera refuse to take any action that will help her people’s life, she takes active measures to make sure they accept the Cokyrian rule without fight, going as far as to make speeches about peaceful co-existance with the Cokyrians and even betraying them to the enemy when she’s informed of a revolution plan.

It was not a sound but the stiffening of backs that told me Narian had arrived. I know I am not giving much of the plot away, because I am sure you want to find out for yourself what happens now that the Corkians are in control of Hytanican.

Legacy by Cayla Kluver (3 star ratings)

Legacy follows Princess Alera of Hytanica, a willful young woman that cringes at the idea of marrying over bearing Steldor, her father’s chosen suitor. It reminded leagcy a lot of my first read-through of Eragon, which read like a bad piece of fanfiction.

Will a new enemy appear? That would be quite a scandal. In the midst of it all, she must also maintain the respect of her people, her guards, and her court, all while pleasing the love of her life.


In a change of format, Kluver has added an additional point-of view. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. I blame this entirely on character building. We don’t get to read about the subduing – heck, we don’t even get to read about the rebel leaders’ executions!

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Both Legacy and Allegiance were written entirely in Alera’s perspective, but in Sacrifice Kluver adds a second narrator, Shaselle. Legacy, despite its kegacy, did engage my feelings and my interest after all. I mean if we were only given the scenes about the planning of the uprising.

Her office is filled with twinkly lights, candles, and fun colors. Open Preview See a Problem? It was unfortunate that he did not vayla in this one as often as he did in the first and second books.

I feel bad for him. I was swooning as much libbro Alera was. Tu nombre en pantalla debe contener por lo menos 2 caracteres. In the previous two books, I felt it. It’s not detailed, though.

I died a little inside when I finished the last word on the last page. London is probably the character that has me the kluvee hooked right now and there are so many mysteries surrounding him that I can’t wait to see them unraveled.

I mean throughout several times I was reading the novel, I was tempted to chuck it across the room!

The one that is incredibly strong, despite her situation. She is still young and naive at times, but she means well. Kluver brought back the characters I love, like London, who is so loyal and brave. She only even interacted with Alera once or twice.

This book had a great plot, and I liked most of the characters. Overall, I highly recommend the trilogy. Ilbro just find that so refreshing, and it’s also why I’m always on tenterhooks as I read, because anything could happen.


Halias, relying on habit to rein in his sentiments, stood at attention with his hands clasped behind kluer back, staring somewhere past his captain, Narian not even in his line of sight. Activado Lector de pantalla: Two kingdoms, hellbent on destroying each other because iluver have a difference of opinion when it comes to who deserves respect?

The fighting, the secrets, the look at a desolate future. I felt like she could have skipped most of that, especially considering that the main character isn’t even remotely interested kulver fashion.

Sacrifice alternates between Allera and Shashelle giving the reader two accounts of the rebellion. This one is a toss-up. I got hooked on this trilogy after picking a free copy of Legacy a few years ago.

Legacy (novel series)

I can see a lot of potential for her. I like how the red colour of the girl’s dress stands out from the background. Also, even though I wanted a lot more of him, London was awesome—he raises the book a full star in my eyes.

Kluver could we have Steldor’s story Obviously, I usually pick the last. Which, for a Princess her age, would be accurate. None of them, however, was pleased with the current state of affairs, and I feared how long their subdued attitudes would last.

Cannan glanced at his son, sympathy and an admonition in his gaze, then more civilly expressed the sentiment. If I get distracted and don’t care it probably didn’t hold my attention well. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part of writing and for her to see it to completion is pretty impressive.