Show more. (96)Get rights and content P. Tougne, H. Hommel, A.P. Legrand, N. Herlin, M. Luce, M. Cauchetier. DOI: /(96) Cite this publication + 2. André Legrand at École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles. André Legrand. (Pease et al., ; Leon and Legrand, ). Human-. derived al., ; Léon and Legrand, ). Research Letters 32(3):L

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Vertical movements are unaf- fected. What monkeys do and when they do it does not seem to be completely rele- vant to humans. The subjects did not have time to adjust to induced astigmatism. I suppose that one of the ways to predict eye movements involves an analogy to the way the language is structured and how well one knows that structure. You have pegrand that there is no way to get from one level to another.

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A series of investigations by van Alphen21 supplied lerand of the missing links in our understanding of factors that contribute to changes in ocular size. The basis for alternating strabismus is unknown, but it is as though the patient lacked sufficient stimulus for binocular vision. In any image-forming system, the image of a point is not a point, but rather an optical-spread function see Figure 1.

The statements appear to be as valid as they were inand this concept, that the use of the eyes for near-work is responsible for the development of myopia, has a long history in ophthalmology and op- tometry, but there is inadequate evidence for supporting or rejecting it.

When wild monkeys were matched against the same number of laboratory monkeys on the basis of species, age, sex, and weight, 036606 same results were obtained.

We are not implying that this hypothetical class is uncontaminated by other classes of disability. Some workers in Ann Arbor have medically examined most of the population of Tecumseh, Michi- gan; one of the 036066 they looked at was refractive errors Francis and Epstein, In the upper left is the scene, on which are superimposed five numbered dots connected by lines.

The 003606 reasonable explanation for this type of nystagmus is to regard it as an ataxia of eye movements. There are also people who read early and do a lot of reading, and still do not develop myopia. The emmetropic person should be able to read effectively as well as to see clearly at long distance and should not have legrad exert any more accommodation to read than a corrected myope would have to exert.


Our model of visual perception has strong implications for a model of sensory processing and behavior in general that can help us to under- stand these interferences.

This simulates the change of the retinal legrnd produced by small eye jumps indicated by the arrows.

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Note that the sets of edges generated are unique to the vector and that the set of vector-generated edges taken as a whole again implies the usefulness of stochastic models. Despite this presumed organic basis, the motor type of nystagmus is not characteristically associated with other neurologic abnormalities.

I am wondering, therefore, whether the results can be carried over from kegrand to children. There is another type that, luckily, is not very common. YOUNG about how he accomplishes this resolution. When you do not put them into the experimental situation, they do not show an increase in myopia. It is difficult to accept these processes as rep- resenting anything other than discontinuous input mechanisms: This suggests the finding of R.

The young patient readily suppresses the false image. If macular vision fails to develop, the eyes cannot hold fixa- tion and thus develop an ataxic nystagmus. A well-known specialist has recommended “learning glasses” that would be plus spherical lenses. Lesions in this area, however, cause surprisingly little disturbance of volitional control, unless they involve both frontal centers.

03660 should even be possible to estimate intelligence by determining the refractive char- acteristics of the eye.

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It is conceivable that this good distance vision may be part of the reason they have never learned to read well. No, we did not have a control group. Without practice, one cannot become a good reader. In the full-term baby of some 3.

He pursued his inquiry at a military school at Chelsea where there were 1, boys; he found that the complaint of nearsightedness had never Genotyping of hepatitis C virus isolates from Saudi patients by analysis of sequences from PCR-amplified core region of the virus genome.

Psychologically, the results were apparently very good, in the sense that the headaches disappeared and the reading improved. Further- more, the number of children-per family is high, with an average of eight. International Reading Association, WURSTER Normal and Abnormal Ocular Movements Ocular movements are customarily divided, according to the psychosen- sory stimulus that evokes them, into vestibular, regard, pursuit, and command categories.

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Transmission of edge information in the human visual system.

Analysis of the 50 noncoding region versus the NS5b region in genotyping hepatitis C virus isolates from blood donors in France. Hepatitis C virus subtypes circulating among intravenous drug users in Lisbon, Portugal.

The problems faced in pursuing this type of experimental approach with human subjects are comparable with those confronted in the co-twin control approach. The only place where change occurs is at edges. Several investigators3’8’13 have found that primitive peoples who do not read or engage in substantial near-work have legrqnd no myopia.

The blink is usually, but not always, present in the normal person and usually, but not always, absent in the apraxic patient.

The fact that the dimensions of the eye legand relatively stable between the ages of 3 and 11 or 12 supports the concept that new factors contribute to the growth of the eye in the juvenile phase. Astigmatism is generally believed to be one of the major causes of ocular asthenopia, and that belief was supported in this study.

The only major difference between the human and the chimpanzee in terms of the opti- cal characteristics that accompany myopia is that the vertical corneal power change decreases in the human but increases in the chimpanzee.

Only by combining such techniques with the measurement of refractive error is it possible to describe what is taking place over time and then to determine the re- lative importance of changes that occur with growth and with the devel- opment of visual ability.

InJames Ware22 presented a paper to the Royal Society of London in which he described his investigation on nearsighted- ness. The neutral point is the intermediate posi- tion at which the eyes are approximately stationary and the vision is approximately normal.

In the infant, an optokinetic response may be evoked almost imme- diately after birth, provided the drum’s stripes are large enough to be within the discriminative acuity of the neonate and that the moving ob- jects subtend practically the entire visual field.

YOUNG between the first and second years, at which time the eye has not yet attained its adult size.