LEGACY OF THE DROW: The Legacy; Starless Night; Siege of Darkness; Passage to Dawn (Forgotten Realms) by Salvatore, R.A. () Hardcover on. Legacy of the Drow Gift Set: The Legacy, Starless Night, Siege of Darkness, and Passage to Dawn (Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Drow) [R. A. Salvatore] on. Starless Night is the second book in the Legacy of the Drow series by R.A. Salvatore. It was later reissued as book eight of the Legend of Drizzt series.

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Drizzt is awesome, as always. Those parts are the strength of the book, along with Drizzt’s diary entries, which provide some more emotional heft to the ongoing story.

Starless Night (Legacy of the Drow, #2) by R. A. Salvatore – Risingshadow

And then happens again. Print HardcoverPaperback. It’s ultimately a book about grieving and coming to terms with life after grief, and in that it succeeds admirably.

If that’s your thing, check out Starless Night. Unfortunately, there is some arm twisting to get the characters to the final conclusion.

Highly recommended for readers of the series – this is one you don’t want to skip out on. The New Jedi Order series. Legacy of the Drow 4 books. The apparent serenity of Drizzt Do’Urden, the brooding quiet, will show me nothing of the future designs of the drow. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft.

A place of brooding darkness, where no shadows exist, and where Drizzt Do’Urden does not wish to go.


In exchange for his help in freeing Drizzt who by this time is being tortured in anticipation of his being offered to Lothshe will help him return to the surface. So, Drizzt deciding to leave the surface and return to his former home of Menzoberranzan in the Underdark completely excited me.

Starless Night

Hte only deducted a star because Cattie-brie annoys the hell out of me. We go into the Underdark and see more of the Dark Elves and other creatures that live down there, which is very interesting and keeps the suspense going.

And there is still meaningful character development going on.

The apparent serenity of Drizzt Do’Urden, the brooding kf, will show me nothing of the future designs of the drow. It has been a number of years since I read an RA Salvatore book, so I couldn’t exactly remember his style.

Jul 14, Lee rated it liked it Shelves: There’s no character development to speak of.

Legacy of the Drow

Farther, then, is the fall” It was consistently engaging the entire time. And of course, tons and tons of awesome fight scenes. Every human seems to think more of herself than she should, or less of herself than is sensible!

Anyone who’s been reading Drizzt stories until now probably don’t need any reviews to determine whether he keeps reading or not. Aug 23, Fo J.

Forgotten Realms VIII: Starless Night The Legacy Of The Drow Book 2

Want to Read saving…. Starless Night showcases Cattie-Brie’s resilience and resourcefulness. Refresh and try again. Drizzt goes first to Blingdenstone, the Underdark city of the deep gnomes, and stays for several days. But I can see where her storyline is going.


Ultimately the book was a decent read because Salvatore’s writing chops are improving, but if I could have skipped this one, I probably would have and not really missed anything, because I already knew that the characters were going to come to the conclusions they were.

The New York Times.

The plot is fantastic! He comes to realise his daftness. This book stood out for a different reason Catti-brie is near Drizzt at this point, and she witnesses his capture before being taken by Jarlaxle and held prisoner by the mercenary group Bregan D’arthe.

I was at a toss-up over whether Cattie-Brie came across as an awsome empowered female who isn’t afraid to risk her life for starless friend, or if she more came off as the woman who drives out in the middle of the night to drag her husband from the bar.

Then, because Drizzt and his entire group are the best at being the best of everything, they basically wreck Menzobarranzan on their way out. Retrieved from ” https: And yes, those that happen in the Drow city of Menzoberranzan do seem to be in many ways the best. If you like fight scenes in fantasy novels and I know many that do then this is the book for you.

Instead, he is working with the mercenary Jarlaxle. The New York Times.