A few years ago I developed a process I call the Lefkoe Stimulus Process (LStP). It is specifically designed to eliminate the emotions that are. Lefkoe Institute. Steps of the LefkoeStimulus Process (LStimP). 1. What negative or unpleasant emotion do you want to eliminate? Client’s answer: (1)_____. 2. The Decision Maker® Stimulus and Sense Processes During this period we used the DM Belief Process on several occasions to assist clients to work on.

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Why, for example, does an event that is not inherently fearful produce fear in some people and not in others?

Lefkoe Stimulus Process Archives – Page 2 of 3 – The Lefkoe Institute

There is another type of conditioning called “operant” conditioning. It was somewhat awkward using procesw DM Belief Process in this way, but it usually resulted in a noticeable improvement in a client’s emotional condition. They put his work into concise and clear terms. Can you see that fear is not inherent in stimuluw doing things perfectly or, in fact, any other specific thing you do or do not do?

I’ve experience enormous and atimulus relief, knowing that I don’t ever have to struggle again, and I’m perfectly worthwhile. No love, no care; no care, no survival. C October 6, at 6: Sign up for our Newsletter to receive weekly Support and Inspiration Email.

When the beliefs are eliminated, the emotions usually will be also.

How to stop emotional eating (and other compulsive behavior problems) for good

We usually assumed that there was another belief we hadn’t yet discovered, but eventually would. Practically any topic you might be curious about, Morty has an article chuck full of life-altering information in it.

Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most popular ways to begin The Lefkoe Method TLM is very different both from most personal growth techniques and most forms of psychotherapy. This was truly a positive life changing experience. I now have four clients who say that their emotional eating has stopped completely as a result of all the de-conditioning they have done using the LDP.


There’s more actionable advice in Morty’s blog than in most of the self-help books out there I know because I’ve read most of them. Elsa who is still a bit amazed and kind of waiting for a reappearance of the belief. The point of the DM Stimulus Process is to assist the client to realize that initially the current stimulus never produced the emotion.

Thank you so much. What appears to have happened is anything that occurs repeatedly or even once if the incident is traumatic enough at the same time that something else is causing an emotion will itself get conditioned to produce the same emotion. Call now to discuss addiction treatment options Addiction Self Tests Take an Addiction Self Test Sign pfocess for our Newsletter to receive weekly Support and Inspiration Email Find a Treatment Center If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction and need help entering into recovery then we are here to offer help in any way we can.

What do you think you would feel the next time you were handed an ice cream cone, even if there was no menacing fist? This was truly a positive life changing experience.

***How Can I Use The Lefkoe Method? Part 1

Combating Osteoporosis and Osteopenia. Opportunities that I have been wanting for a long time have come pouring through the door since that “Aha! Just a quick note to thank you for your weekly insightfulness and addition to your courses through your weekly blog.

The essence of stimklus makes the LDP so effective is having the client experience that she wanted the “reward” e. You get a video that guides you into eliminating a belief when you join our newsletter. I look forward to hearing from you, Kind regards, PC. I have to tell you that you really broke something open for me when you shared your story about creating obstacles for yourself, because you thought your value was in how hard you could work to overcome those obstacles.

Did you know that The Lefkoe Method includes eight other processes you can use to make significant changes in your life? I never miss Morty’s weekly blogs. To a prosperous and joyous Listening to you was a procses “Aha! Last week I pointed out that The Lefkoe Method TLM includes nine different processes, all of them unique methods for transforming the quality of […]. Listening to you was a major “Aha! I’ve read and considered the concept of creating my own world many many times but this is the first time I’ve actually experienced and felt it at my core.


You also have to use the Lefkoe Stimulus Process. Merely desiring the reward results in the behavior.

What is the real source of our negative emotions? Play in new window Download. As a result she would feel loved whenever she ate. When the client reviews the cause of the feeling of fear, he discovered that the fear was not inherent in being asked to do something. I receive an overwhelming number of daily emails linking to blogs, most of which I glance at and delete.

In other words, a stimulus that normally would not lefkor a response does so because it gets associated with a stimulus that does produce profess response. It is simpler to use than the basic DM Belief Process and usually takes only five to ten minutes to completely eliminate the stimuli for such emotions as fear, anxiety, anger and guilt. When you make that distinction, the belief is transformed into merely one interpretation you gave a meaningless series of events, and the belief disappears.

Permalink Gallery Are we robots? I am personally very grateful that he continues to write in it his new thoughts and techniques. The best part is I’ve seen positive changes in my own life that come directly from his blogs.

PC April 3, at 4: I never miss Morty’s weekly blogs.