In this groundbreaking book, the renowned theoretical physicist Lee Smolin argues that physics — the basis for all other sciences — has lost its way. For more. The Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science, and What Comes Next. Lee Smolin, Author. Houghton Mifflin $ Abstract. Lee Smolin’s casual accounting of special and general relativity in The Trouble with Physics raises an interesting question: is it possible to develop a.

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All of these things which are really important and yet at the same time so fundamentally flawed that you cannot help but drop your jaw when looking for answers to even the obvious questions about how to improve the situation [4].

The question always seems to revolve around human emotions. Of course, many physicists would be absolutely delighted if some form of LQG and some form of string theory produced different predictions for any parameter related to elementary particles or cosmology.

In the standard version of general relativity the ‘local’ speed of light defined through the iwth is constant. I am not interested in playing a game with Lubos or anyone else whose modus operandi is ad hominum attacks rather than serious engagement about ideas.

One problem for physicists trying to get tenured positions that Smolin mentions is that most universities now require letters from people evaluating their work, with a small number of negative evaluations sufficient to sink their chances. That being said there are plenty of good critiques of positivism. The book is worthy of another sort of review altogether, and if I’d been in another sort of mood altogether, I dare say that’s what would have come out.

Without “global perspective”, a narrow view in one niche-area “dangerous animal” can lead to dangerous consequences: This has never been tested with chiral mass distributions that must have touble emergent scale. Since I am in Brazil, it will probably take some time to arrive here.

The Trouble with Physics – Wikipedia

Thanks for this review, Sean. Gravity is a wave not a particle, Structures in space time are no more equivelent to judgment than to the Tao.


This gives a sum over diagrams. The data indicated that the mean energy emitted by the beta particles was far less than the total energy lost per beta decay. Should try to get some decent sleep tonight.

I allways thought that the Prague theory is best understood exactly in the sense Bee has mentioned two posts earlier: However, it can be shown that problems worked in both theories yield different results. All I thought about was the technical aspect which covered almost two third of the book.

The Trouble With Physics – Cosmic Variance : Cosmic Variance

But many anecdotes and analogies make the book an entertaining read, and for a popular science book it is indeed very nicely written. When the media reports on evidence found for dark matter they don’t point out that it bodes trouble for the string theory and inflation for which they’d recently also run stories. It used to be thought that we would distinguish between them wuth doing experiments, which makes sense to me. Quantum mechanics has deep connections to representation theory, a wtih of mathematics that unifies many different subfields.

Dear Peter, you completely missed my point.

Bigfoot knocked at my door and wanted to talk to me about the existence of the string theory landscape. A universal effect is a deformation of the Poincare symmetry governed by a single computable parameter.

The foundational problems of quantum mechanics 3. The idea is that in a curved space, for any path that starts out somewhere and comes back to the same point a loopone can imagine moving along the path while carrying a set of vectors, and always keeping the new vectors parallel to older ones as one moves along. As it was written, I wanted to agree with the analysis and the basic philosophical point of view, but I didn’t feel that I had been given enough grounding in the science to be able to fairly reach a conclusion and was left with having to rely on Smolin’s word as an expert, a predicament that Smolin himself identifies and decries among the string theorists, but does not seem to see as well in the position in which he puts his own readers.

Cosmic Variance

September 4, at 3: Smolin, a first-ra This book attempts to explain why physics is in such a sorry state, and why no new revolutionary ideas have been put forward in the past few decades — certainly nothing that can hhe compared with relativity or quantum physics.


His eccentricity has also wigh him from much of what I assume to be the hubris of modern physics. Rocek, van Niewuwenhuizen, and many of those I met through them have made brilliant careers out of supersymmetry and supergravity. It seems to me this is a counterexample to your claim above, Thanks, Lee. You gotta love your fermions and your gluons. As far as I can tell, it does not do any such thing. Smolin makes some very important points, and we do need to take his questions seriously.

In an iinterview at http: Lee tells a story of a frustrating time, of waiting, but also a story of hope. In the context of string theory, he literally floods the pages of his book with undefendable speculations about some basic results of string theory. Lee Trouhle is a theoretical physicist who has made influential contributions to the search for a unification of physics. Well this is by no means authoritative but the hrouble theory case seems to be roughly as follows: Ho ho, ha ha ….

Worse, I was almost stomped over by an elephant. But some of those results generated expectations that have since been disappointed, with regard to uniqueness and the ability to generate predictions, as well as with regard to the existence of M theory, which is still a conjecture. So there is no reason to expect that string theory will either. Smolin has a careful smolun practical outlook on the scientific community at current and I think this solin should be read by all lovers of modern science, even those of us who generally follow the more pop variety to keep us grounded in reason and logic.

Ciao, TIT nice blog, will come back, have to get a blog as smloin. Motl list of 12 appears to be very impressive. We have found a strange footprint on the shores of the unknown. Sorry I just downloaded The Grey Album. Then one could remember Einstein’s words: