Sure that the dropouts broke due to no using of torque arms but also the KU controller delivers 30A (~W) to the motor which is a LOT!!. I received a spare controller for it today. It is 36v w and internally it looks almost exactly like a KU The difference being that this one has. I have redesigned the KU63 motor controller from BMSbattery. Here is the circuit: Don’t use the image above, download the circuit high.

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Endless Sphere

Well, maybe not bad – but not what you want. I am controllrr using the donations to buy needed resources for my developments.

I can probably make do with it and I can almost assure myself that I’ll also wind up running it in to something unintentionally. The brake will work on SL.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this project – mostly because it’s been sitting in a trailer doing nothing. I had to open it. View all 5 project logs. My electric bike has a standard 3 wire throttle connection which uses a varying voltage. About Us Contact Hackaday. The Yellow one is most likely the brake signal.

Reverse Engineering: Brushless DC Motor Controller |

I can live with the PAS start, it’s mainly going to be used for testing. You can spend time researching on your own, which takes substantially longer; 3. Home All times are UTC. I’ll dismantle it all tomorrow and have a look to see if the solder blob is maybe shorting against the adjacent tags, Q and A3. Yes, by maintaining rotor wingdings orthogonal to the stator field you get maximum Torque production.

  ESA D83-004 PDF

There should be three: So I would guess that last multiway had all the negatives in one black wire soldered to the board and all the 5v feeds in one red wire.

I have an electric bike contrloler an existing 36v w controller. It works the same if you cut that purple wire. The company says they don’t have a copy of the firmware, and don’t know if it’s possible They are dual silver conductors near the edge of the board, opposite the wire exit.

Struggling with KU63 Controller – Endless Sphere

Second, you ignored all the warnings about using a front motor on aluminum forks, especailly a powerful one. I bought two nameless brushless controllers via eBay which aren’t reversible.

This feature is only available when using our OpenSource firmware. The reason that it looks messy is because the tracks have been beefed up after wave soldering.

All I get is one level, which I think is level 3. Please read the project status, how to install the firmware, history and motivation on his website: When you want to actively brake the brushless motor, you just short out each of the electromagnet coils.

But I did wander across a reverse engineered ku63 controllerwhich is certainly along the same lines. The problem is that there’s several inputs to the CPU around the PCB, and the programmer can use any of them for anything. So the controller is wired back up to a motor; some enameled wire comes out and is contropler to the right pads for the CPU, then soldered to the teensy; and a quick program is whipped up to just read the sensors and report when the one on pin1, pin44, and pin43 changes state.


When compared to the S06S contrroller With the wire in place, you have to pedal before you can use the throttle. In that last image, you can controlller see the succession showing which direction the motor’s moving.

S-KU123 36V 48V 700W30A 12Mosfets Controller

Did you check that the sequence of wires in your throttle connection is correct: I figured I should at least try to get the remote drive up and running; I was pretty close last year! Again, I found myself writing software that guessed at what the controller firmware was doing so that I got the result I wanted.

It’s a waste though running around with a FET controller putting out a say 15A. The throttle can’t be in the three speed connector because there is no voltage to be found anywhere on the connector. So how did that happen, you ask? My motor failed to rotate.

I came across a number of shortcomings in each, which leaves me with controllers that I’m not using for anything. Sign up Already a member? So, with clntroller magic smoke released from those controllers, I won’t be reverse engineering them any more.

Does it look like it had a wire on it?