tions related to hemophilia.” Arellano-Rodrigo To the Editor: Krueger et al. (Nov . 4 issue)1 re- . Darcy A. Kreuger, M.D., Ph.D. Cincinnati. Aledort, L. M. and Goodnight, S. H., Hemophilia treatment: its relationship to Lello, C.J., Lazerson, J., and Kreuger, D., Impact of hemophilia home therapy. Haemophilia. Jul;24(4) doi: /hae PubMed PMID: Kreuger AL, Middelburg RA, Beckers EAM, de Vooght KMK.

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Association between fluid management and dilutional coagulopathy in severe postpartum haemorrhage: The primary outcome was all-cause mortality at any time during follow-up.

Prof Johanna (Anske) (J. G.) van der Bom MD PhD – Prof Johanna (Anske) (J. G.) van der Bom MD PhD

Age of platelet concentrates and time to the next transfusion. Effect of beta-blockers on platelet aggregation: Immunosuppressants and alloimmunization against red blood cell transfusions. A Randomized Cross-Over Trial. F8 gene mutation type and inhibitor development in patients with severe hemophilia A: For male recipients of red blood cell transfusions, all-cause krwuger rates after a red blood ad transfusion from an ever-pregnant female donor vs male donor were vs 80 deaths per person-years hazard ratio [HR] for death, 1.


Effect of von Willebrand factor on inhibitor eradication in patients with severe haemophilia A: Long-term impact of joint bleeds in von Willebrand disease: Intensive red blood cell transfusions and risk of alloimmunization.

Surgery and Inhibitor Development in Hemophilia A: Intensity of factor VIII treatment and the development of inhibitors in nonsevere hemophilia A patients: Part 2-Effect measures in etiologic research.

Comment on “Effect of storage time of transfused plasma on early and late mortality after coronary artery bypass grafting”.

The minor allele of GP6 TC is associated with decreased platelet activation and a reduced risk of recurrent cardiovascular events and mortality: Desmopressin in moderate hemophilia A patients: Relevance of pediatric-specific bleeding. Association of blood transfusion from female donors with and without a history of pregnancy with mortality among male and female transfusion recipients.

Platelet reactivity is not associated with recurrent cardiovascular events in men with a history hemoophilia myocardial infarction: Variation in red cell transfusion decisions in the intensive care unit – a nationwide survey in the Netherlands. You must be a registered member of Clinical Advisor to post a comment.

Early occurrence of red blood cell alloimmunization in patients with sickle cell disease. Among patients who receive red blood cell transfusionsreceiving a transfusion from an ever-pregnant female donor, compared with a male donor, is associated with increased all-cause mortality among male recipients but not among female recipients, according to a study published in JAMA.


Clinically relevant differences between assays for von Willebrand factor activity.

Effect of aspirin intake at bedtime versus on awakening on circadian rhythm of platelet reactivity. Storage time of red blood cells and mortality of transfusion recipients. Plasma levels of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 and bleeding phenotype in patients with von Willebrand disease. Joint bleeds in von Willebrand disease patients have significant impact on quality of life hemopnilia joint integrity: Related Articles Radiation exposure and cancer risk from CT screening: Chronic use of low-dose aspirin is not associated with lower bone mineral density in the general population.

A study protocol for a randomised controlled trial evaluating clinical effects of platelet transfusion products: A randomised cross-over trial.

Impact of hemophilia home therapy program on a regional blood center.

Prof Johanna Anske J. Joint surgery in von Willebrand disease: Madeline Morr, Associate Editor.

Comparing transfusion reaction rates for various plasma types: