This is the etext version of the book The Koran Interpreted A Translation by A. J. Arberry, taken from the original etext Arthur’s Classic Novels. Book from the Archaeological Survey of IndiaCentral Archaeological Library, New DelhiBook Number: Book Title: Koran interpretedBook. Since its first publication in , Professor A.J. Arberry’s translation has been the finest “The Koran Interpreted” is universally recognized as not only the most .

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Koran interpreted

They must have a mean opinion of the Christian religion, or be but ill grounded therein, who can apprehend any danger from so manifest a forgery. And fear you God, and know that unto Him you shall be mustered.

Yet We have made clear the signs unto a people who are sure We have sent thee with the truth, good tidings to bear, and warning. The truth is of God; be not of the doubters. Naimi Limited preview – One more additional star rating I gave for this work for the right translati Read the Muslim evaluation of this western work on the link I provided along with the book description on goodreads. The true religion with God is Islam.

The Koran Interpreted (Arberry, ) by al-Qur’an | LibraryThing

From the arrangement of this author I see no reason to depart in regard to the later Suras. To God belongs all that is in the heavens and earth; He forgives whom He will, and chastises whom He will; God is All-forgiving, All-compassionate. They have no power over anything that they have earned.

So Koraan makes clear His signs for you; haply you will understand. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. The Protestants alone are able to attack the Koran with success; and for them, I trust, Providence has reserved the glory interpgeted its overthrow.

Exegesis Abrogation Biblical narratives Esoteric interpretation Hermeneutics Persons related to verses mentioned by name Revelation. So she brought the child to her people, carrying him in her arms. You were upon the brink of a pit ibterpreted Fire, and He delivered you from it; even so God makes clear to you His signs; so haply you will be guided.

The Koran Interpreted – Wikipedia

It is not lawful for you to take of what you have given them unless the couple fear they may not maintain God’s bounds; if you fear they may not maintain God’s bounds, it is no fault in them for her to redeem herself. Hassan Hamwi marked it as to-read Nov 19, Peace be upon me, the day I was horn, and the day I die, and the day I am raised up alive!


Then Zachariah prayed to his Lord saying, Lord, give me of Thy goodness a goodly offspring. When thou wentest forth at dawn from thy people to lodge the believers in their pitches for the battle — God is All-hearing, All-knowing — when two parties of you were about to lose heart, though God was their Protector — and in God let the believers put all their trust — and God most surely helped you at Badr, when you were utterly abject.

It is a far cry indeed from the intolerant hostility of the seventeenth century, the urbane superiority of the eighteenth. Yet it may happen that you will hate a thing which is better for you; and it may happen that you will love a thing which is worse for you; God knows, and you know not. The earnestness of those convictions which at Mecca sustained him under persecution, and which perhaps led him, at any price as it were, and by any means, not even excluding deceit and’ falsehood, to endeavour to rescue his countrymen from idolatry, — naturally stiffened at Medina into tyranny and unscrupulous violence.

If you fear that you will not act justly towards the orphans, marry such women as seem good to you, two, three, four; but if you fear you will not be equitable, then only one, or what your right hands own; so it is likelier you will not be partial.

He said, ‘Behold, I make you a leader for the people. Divorce is twice; then honourable retention or setting free kindly. And vie with one another, hastening to forgiveness from your Lord, and to a garden whose breadth is as the heavens and earth, prepared for the godfearing who expend in prosperity and adversity in almsgiving, and restrain their rage, and pardon the offences of their fellowmen; and God loves the good-doers; who, when they commit an indecency or wrong themselves, remember God, and pray forgiveness for their sins — and who shall forgive sins but God?

Believe you then in God and His Messengers; and if you believe and are godfearing, there shall be for you a mighty wage. We believe in God, and in that which has been sent down on us and sent down on Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac and Jacob, and the Tribes, and that which was given to Moses and Jesus and the Prophets, of their Lord; we make no division between any of them, and to Him we surrender.

Absolutely beautiful prose hampered by having no footnotes whatsoever — not recommended for someone who has never read the Qur’an – but if you have enjoy! All these versions are interesting and merit study; here however it is proposed to limit consideration to two only.


As for the unbelievers, their riches will not avail them, neither their children, aught against God; those — they shall be fuel for the Fire like Pharaoh’s folk, and the people before them, who cried lies to Our signs; God seized them because of their sins; God is itnerpreted in retribution. Surely in that is a lesson for men possessed of eyes. During the war he was a Postal Censor in Liverpool[citation needed] and was then seconded to the Ministry of Information, London which was housed in the newly constructed Senate House of the University of London.

Then one cried unto her from below her, saying: Nov 07, Christian Dibblee rated it it was ok Shelves: A few bold spirits have ventured on occasion to show this feature by rhyming their translations; the resulting products have not been very impressive.

Dave rated it did not like it Dec 27, And do not conceal the testimony; whoso conceals it, his heart is sinful; and God has knowledge of the things you do. She said, How shall I have a son, seeing a man hath not touched me, and I am no harlot?

I shall not here inquire into the reasons why the law of Mohammed has met with so unexampled a reception in the world for they are greatly deceived who imagine it to have been propagated by the sword aloneor by what means it came to be embraced by nations which never felt the force of the Mohammedan arms, and even by those which stripped the Interprwted of their conquests, and put an end to the sovereignty and very being of their Khalifs: O sister of Aaron, thy father was not a bad man, neither was thy mother a harlot.

O all you who believe, seek you help in patience and prayer; surely God is with the patient. Dec 29, Mark added it. If thou fearest God Rizky Wahyujati rated it really liked it Aug 01, koarn The result is that in order to find a particular Sura in Rodwell’s version, first published in and taken up by Everyman’s Library init is necessary first to consult a comparative table of contents, a laborious and irritating preliminary.

S D Cooke rated it it was amazing Feb 05, God knows, and you know not.