Kathrein parabolic antennas are made of aluminium and . EXR Single-cable switching matrix with two twin outputs for two receivers;. Therefore exclusively use software provided by Kathrein for your switching matrix (EXR or EXR ) from Kathrein, the LNB you use. If you use a single-cable matrix (EXU ) or a single-cable changeover matrix ( EXR or EXR ) from Kathrein, the LNB you use must be a “Universal.

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You can choose between upper or lower case letters Q button. Channel List Select the required activity using the 00 buttons. When you have made your settings, use the Q buttons to select “Start Search” and press the oh button to start the search.

The selected menus, sub-menus and positions, as well as the parameters to be set, are each highlighted in colour. Delete the channel from the current list Skip: The following categories are available for selection: The recording will be performed once Daily: The software update can primarily only be loaded into the receiver via satellite.

Q Clou Check your settings and if necessary call for exf help. The recording will be performed once a week on the same day and at the same time User-defined: In addition to providing high-quality pictures and sound, series receivers er feature an attractive design in a modern housing.


Kathrein UFS 740sw Operating Manual

The receiver automatically updates the EPG data when the unit is switched off by pressing the to recognise for purposes of recording any changes to scheduled transmission First however the channel must be selected. The DVB standard provides the following values: You can search only one satellite at a time. Use the Q buttons to select the desired channels, starting from the previously selected channel and working upwards or downwards. Newly found channels are identified with the designation “new” after the channel name.

No further input is necessary, since all frequency ranges are set by the Wideband LNB. If you want to use the default channel list, choose “No” under pip “Restore Channellist”.

Full text of “Kathrein UFS si Satellite TV System User Manual”

Improvement of satellite search mode New: The channel up button switches to the next channel up in the currently selected channel list. Also pay attention to the bars at the bottom of the on-screen display! If in your reception system you use a single-cable LNB e. The cursor buttons allow you to select a recording. Factory Default When you have made your settings, use the to start updating. When you have completed the settings for all the satellites, the following display appears: TV Program Guide Wednesday If your TV has a stereo feature, you can receive the sound in stereo via the Scart connection.


If you have changed settings, compare them against the basic settings provided you had made a note of them as suggested. Connections Incorrect wiring of the connections can lead to malfunctions or defects on the unit!

Press the Q button to view additional items of information on a channel: No further input is required, since all necessary frequency ranges are covered by a universal LNB. This constitutes a fire hazard!

Kathrein UFS 640si Operating Manual

If you wish to view the programme currently being shown on a channel, you need not exit the EPG, just select the desired channel and press the TV picture for the selected channel. The information for these settings can be found on the Internet or in relevant magazines. eexr

Use the QQ buttons to switch to the “Automatic clock change” field. Switch off receiver at mains switch from current channel, e.

The sort sequence of your channel list remains unchanged; the only change is that the channel data transmission frequency etc.