Ekantipur is a platform that brings all news and articles from all publications of Kantipur Media Group including Kantipur TV and Kantipur Radio. Ekantipur learns. Saptahik is Nepal’s no. 1 Weekly magazine and is famous among readers for its entertainment-based content that features news and articles on youth trends. Tag: kantipur Saptahik. No posts to display. Taja Online Khabar is your news, entertainment, health, arts, sports and Humor website. We provide you with the.

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The Kantipur daily is the first private-run broadsheet daily in Nepal. Multiparty democracy had just been restored in the country when the paper rolled out in February Since then, the paper has striven to keep the public updated on current affairs, stir discussion and protect democratic values, including human rights and ,antipur rule of law.

It is the go-to source for credible news, features and critical analysis.

Saptahik Today Epaper in nepali (नेपाली)

With a daily readership of 2. Kantipur is concurrently published from Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Bharatpur and Nepalgunj. Each of these regional offices produces saprahik own regional editions. The weekly attempts to keep the growing Nepali diaspora in the Gulf countries informed about the latest developments in Nepal. Kantipur has more than reporters in all corners saprahik the country.

Its reportage have held the powerful accountable—whether it be during unlawful dissolutions kajtipur parliament or during autocratic times. Attempts to muzzle the paper, either through court suits and summons or through a blockade, have been made, but the paper has remained firm in its belief in freedom of expression and information. It vows to continue to perform the role of the fourth estate, with more substantial and investigative stories in the future.

The Post is the first private-run English-language broadsheet in the country and is kantipjr with introducing the concept of news enterprise and breaking news in the nation. The Post is the second-most widely read paper in Nepal after the Kantipur daily.


Kantipur Publications (P) Ltd. | Kantipur Media Group

The paper is considered one of the most reliable publications for news, opinion and original content. The kantiour also carries frequent write-ups from international scholars, leaders of non-governmental organisations, diplomats, and experts from various sectors.

It also carries content from leading foreign newspapers and news syndicates, such as the New York Times, the Guardian and Project Syndicate. Since its inception, the Post has experimented with ways to make diverse content available to its readers.

Jantipur growing number of online team provides timely updates on news and events.

Stories and articles published on the print version of the Post can also be read online. The paper is currently working to integrate its print and online teams.

With an estimated daily readership of , the Post has done to English-reading abilities of Nepalis what Kantipur has done to their Nepali.

Anup Kaphle Web Portal: Saptahik was launched as a Friday supplement to the Kantipur daily in May Its objective was and is to focus on non-political stories—on entertainment, sports, education and career, science and technology, personality development, psychology, love and sex, relationships kantiipur marriage, fashion and celebrity lifestyle. The weekly—then page long, with 4 of the pages in colour—became so successful that it soon became an independent entity under the umbrella of the Kantipur Media Group.

Saptahik is the first supplement of its kind in the country.

Kantipur Publications

It was the first paper that focused exclusively on youths, answered their queries, which were often taboo, and allowed them to tell their personal stories and connect with others. With a readership of approximately 1.

When it comes to entertainment and glamour, Saptahik has the final say. Subash Dhakal Web Portal: Nepal, a weekly sincewas launched as a fortnightly magazine in July four years earlier. Its objective is to provide investigative reportage and deeper analyses of socio-political affairs. It is the largest selling news magazine in the country.

Each edition of Nepal offers incisive columns, satirical pieces on current affairs and trends, and lighter stories on lifestyle and arts. Nepal is known for its experimental bent and for its innovative approaches to presenting articles.


Nepal embodies the ethos of the thinking Nepali who loves probing and engaging pieces on socio-political matters. It is the preferred magazine for the connoisseurs of intelligent commentary in the country. Narayan Wagle Web Portal: Sarbottam was released in Octoberwith the objective of providing entertaining content from all over the world.

kantipur Saptahik | Taja OnlineKhabar

Two years later, realising that the voice of Nepali women sapahik unheard, the magazine was turned into Sarbottam Nari. Since then, Nari has become the leading monthly dedicated solely to the Nepali woman. The objective is to cater to multiple personalities a woman embodies—a professional, a daughter, a wife, a mother and a homemaker, among others.

The content ranges from perspectives on politics and society to profiles of successful women at regional and national level, to the nitty gritties of daily life, parenting issues, home-improvement ideas, the latest fashion tips, stories about arts and culture, views on movies and music, discussions on glamour and shopping, and advice on love and relationships. Nari wants to help the culture of reading and writing flourish among Nepali women.

The magazine wants to analyse the social, political and economic status of Nepali women, capture the essence of womanhood and fight for kantpur equality.

Kantipur Publications is the largest print media company in Saptahkk. Launched init now provides news and entertainment products through five independent papers: Kantipur The Kantipur daily is the first private-run broadsheet daily in Nepal. Saptahik Saptahik was launched as a Friday supplement to the Kantipur daily in May Nepal Nepal, a weekly sincewas launched as a fortnightly magazine in July four years earlier. Nari is also available in Hongkong, Malaysia, Japan and Australia.