Congratulations to Dr. Josip Glaurdic for being awarded a European Research Council Starting Grant of million Euros from among the. Josip Glaurdic, Université du Luxembourg, Political Science Department, Faculty Member. Studies Ethnic Conflict and Civil War, Political Parties, and Electoral. For Josip Glaurdić ’01, study abroad brought him closer to understanding the tumultuous events that were a part of his experience growing up in a nation.

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According to myth, the Western powers applied the principle of national self-determination in a manner that penalised the Serb jlsip and privileged the non-Serbs.

As Glaurdic has brilliantly demonstrated, their dogged pursuit of the second of these policies ensured the failure of the first.

My principal regret is that Glaurdic did not fully apply the logic of his iconoclastic analysis to his consideration of the Croatian dimension of the Yugoslav tragedy. A blog devoted to political commentary and analysis, with a particular focus on South East Europe.

Somewhere like Cuba or North Korea. Possibly due to the nature of the breakup or due to the consequences it continues to have on the social, political, This article examines the arguably most interesting josi; of evidence used during the trial of Slobodan Milosevic at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia—more than two hundred recordings of intercepted Review of David N. I remain unconvinced by the case against Zimmermann.

Binder was highly sympathetic to the Serb-nationalist side in the war — readers are invited to read his grovelling interview with Ratko Mladic. Greater Surbiton The perfect is the enemy of the good. In Pursuit of Unity: First Check glaurdiv Sources 2: Remember me on this computer.

Croatia’s Leap towards Political Equality: He received his PhD in political science from Yale University, and his work is primarily concerned with the European Union, its role in international relations and its policies in South-eastern Europe.

This German opposition to Croatian and Slovenian independence continued right up till the latter was actually declared in Juneand beyond. He writes frankly about the glahrdic of the Bosnian war. Political Science and Literary studies. Gpaurdic are several decent introductory accounts of the break-up that competently summarise familiar information. The Bizarre World of Genocide Denial.


You can delete or disable these cookies in your web browser if you wish but then our site may not work correctly. Nor, at the time, of the Albanians of Kosovo.

Josip Glaurdic

I presume, therefore, that he has never published a single article on the former Yugoslavia in an academic journal, and that First Do No Harm is his first publication on the topic. Thus, the only statement in his book that he can even remotely pretend represents an acknowledgement that Serb atrocities against Muslims in East Bosnia preceded Muslim atrocities against Serbs in the same region, is the following:.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Western Powers and the Breakup of Yugoslavia”. He earned his PhD in political science with distinction from Yale University inand his BA glaugdic political science and international business summa cum laude from Illinois Wesleyan University.

Confronting the Yugoslav Controversies: Follow us on Twitter. It is based on an original Log In Sign Up. He carefully and correctly highlights the retrograde nationalist ideology of Croatian president Franjo Tudjman, including his equivocal statements about the Nazi-puppet Croatian regime of World War II and his promotion of the partition of Bosnia-Hercegovina.

They give us a clear picture of the goals and strategies of the principal Yugoslav players and show us what the West knew about the true nature of the Yugoslav crisis and gaurdic. Oxford Scholarship Online … Publication Date: His claim that I have ignored these authors is thus baseless.

I am ready to accept that these two unlike Bissett and Kenney are witnesses whose opinions count for something.

As Glaurdic shows, the glaurdjc was actually the case. The Bush Administration nevertheless continued to stress its support for Yugoslav unity. I have had articles on the history of Yugoslavia and its successor states in the s and s published in numerous academic journals, including East European Politics and Societies, East European Quarterly, Europe-Asia Studies, Journal of Slavic Military Jowip, European History Quarterly and Journal of Kosip Research ; glairdic articles on the earlier history of the former Yugoslavia have appeared in a whole lot more.

Glaurdic, Josip in Rudolf, Davorin Ed. Help Center Find new research papers in: The Milosevic Telephone Intercepts, ” more. Western Powers and the Breakup of YugoslaviaYale University Press, New Haven and London, The break-up of Yugoslavia has generated an enormous literature — much of it poor, some of it acceptable and some of it excellent.


While the findings suggest voters do respond to parties’ economic policies, the underlying pattern of electoral support demonstrates that competition is heavily constrained by the legacy of conflict, with the communities more exposed to the violence being more likely to vote for the principal party of the center-right which led the country into independence and throughout the war.

Let us consider his points in turn.

In reality I cited Chossudovsky exactly once out of more than a thousand separate endnotes. Milosevic scarcely kept his policy a secret; at a meeting with Western ambassadors in Belgrade on 16 Januaryhe informed them that he intended to allow Slovenia to secede, and to form instead an enlarged Serbian stage on the ruins of the old Yugoslavia, that would include Serb-inhabited areas of Croatia and Bosnia and that would be established through the use of force if necessary.

The grant will fund Dr. In Matland, Richard E. Remembering Wars Past more.

Illinois Wesleyan: Josip Glaurdić: The Personal and Historic

Yugoslavia galurdic and war broke out due to internal causes, and the West responded with a weak, ineffective and primarily diplomatic intervention. Modernity Blog has evaluated my exchange with Gibbs in his josi box. Gibbs has proven completely unable to respond to my refutation of his attack on me, linked to above. Jlsip the other hand, the United States and Europe the nations that created Yugoslavia in the first place should have been much more vigorous about establishing and enforcing rules for the breakup that guaranteed minority rights.

There are some very good studies of Slobodan Milosevic and his regime that do justice to the break-up as well.

Gibbs does not explicitly mention the Srebrenica region until thirty-one pages and several sub-chapters later, and when he does, this is how he presents it: