The Dark [John McGahern] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Dark, widely acclaimed, yet infamously banned, is John McGahern’s. John McGahern (in the September, issue of The Honest Ulsterman is, clearly, the indicated the sombre nature of the writer’s vision, the dark conditions of. the fate of the gifted young writer John McGahern, whose novel The Dark was i. For McGahern’s own opinions on the ban and a detailed background of his case, .

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But moreso when I came to see the last series of events not as an unnecessary appendage but as a major theme: For six months they lived in Helsinki, where they were married. This book is not an easy book to read as it mostly tells of the relationship between a tough,hard and abusive father and his adolescent son. In the first part of the book, there is the main character, the eldest son, and his two sisters.

Biggest reason for the ding–all the children who appear out of nowhere halfway through the book. Even on the foot of a great personal acheivement, his insecurity bring him down afterall; down to a position more fitting with his own self-image.

Jul 17, Mikayla rated it it was ok. The Dark or The Barracks? At this point you realise the title of the book is just perfect.

From the very first page you are drawn into a really nasty and uncomfortable scene which really sets the mood in a very hard and upsetting way. Jun 27, Michelle Peterson rated it really liked it. He had six younger siblings; a brother who was financial controller of BBC Radio until his death a few years ago and five sisters, two of whom were nurses, two teachers and one a civil servant.


The nameless protagonist’s mother is dead, presumably in childbirth.

The Dark by John McGahern

About the hypocrisy of the Irish Catholic church, the violent physical and sexual abuse, incest and the hopeless yearning for freedom. I think McGahern’s work has a genuine spiritual quality that reveals dimensions of humanity that are very significant, for all their depictions of the ugliness and tragedy of life.

The bit where he agonizes over going to the dance is really beautiful and painful. It’s not that McGahern’s casual about it but it’s hard to believe that the life went on without the insistence of this crime, particularly the father’s.

McGahern’s mother, Susan, had been the first person from her village to go to secondary school.

It goes on a few chapters later to show the boy and father in bed together. Quotes johnn The Dark. You go to school, and need to go well to get to college, and be the first one ever to do that.

They’ve become more pets than anything else.

Ireland’s rural elegist

He later left the country. There is no counter to his demands, and the children are almost completely cowed. He removed my book from the library and when she heard jogn told him that until he put it back he could buy his cigarettes somewhere else.


He starts to celebrate communal bonds in a way he didn’t do at all in the beginning. When McGahern sent his father a copy he received a “sharp response” saying thank you but he had no intention of reading it.

Feb 03, A. Recommended for any readers of serious literature. At times you feel sad for the children living in the rain of terror with there father but you also feel sad for the father who just finds it difficult to be in any way happy.

Did I really need another exploration of the Irish question and what would I learn from it? Despite his difficult upbringing, he was always a good student and says he was very lucky when young to have access to a library in the house of some Protestant neighbours. What was it banned for?

The Guardian Profile: John McGahern | Books | The Guardian

Banned in Ireland, kept dadk attention. Just after the banning he was on a live TV programme in Belfast. The sole exception to this is the sister, Joan and the few flecks of light in the book are in the scenes between brother and sister. You spend all your time trying to figure out your life.