So begins one of the most famous works of history ever published, Johan Huizinga’s The Autumn of the Middle Ages. Few who have read this book in English. Johan Huizinga’s Herfsttij der Middeleeuwen (The Waning of the Middle Ages, or in the more accurate new translation, The Autumn of the Middle Ages) has. The more complete text is called ‘The Autumn of the Middle Ages.’ ‘Waning’ .. Johan Huizinga não foi só um grande historiador, mas um escritor talentoso.

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Even a work of history rises or falls on the usual questions of context. The Odyssey Homer Older review: How often he speaks of something being excessive, “over-,” an “oversensitive mind” and an “overabundance of devotional content” I found myself constantly having to re read sentences or paragraphs but it’s still a great read. Incredible edible Middle Ages, so close to our mentality in the extremes of violent and amorous expressions, prejudice, supersticions and swaying from one extreme to the nexr, and so far away from us historically.

This is not really a “read on the go” type of book.

The Autumn of the Middle Ages

The tide is turning, the tone of life is about to change. Here again, he is Tylor, we Evans-Pritchard. Huizinga’s synthetic vision is a very cornmanding one, then. Book now cluttered with underlining and notes. One of the achievenlents of deconstructivists. Um ano depois, o fim!!! The century is judged by the darnage it has done to its otvri norms, its forms. It’s also full of some very good insights into medieval culture and it acts as a nice corrective to history books that huiizinga solely tje administrative, legal, and economic documentation.

In the translation, Fritz Hopman adapted, reduced, and altered the Dutch edition – softening Huizinga’s often passionate arguments, dulling his nuances, and eliminating theoretical passages. First of all, I would like to thank Bertrand Russell for inspiring me to read this book. The objectivity I’m pointing to has, therefore, only a limited zges to the debates we associate with Histof? Why these things should so disturb us and seem acceptable agse in historical context is too deep a question to treat fully here, but certainly Huizinga’s fault is that he was as late as the world he was studying.

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It is the Huizinga synthesis that fuels his prose and we need to develop a sense of its richness, for it bore a startlingly coherent book. Generally, Huizinga has invested playing within the form with the highest johqn and aesthetic value.

Purely outward circumstances, superficially described: By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by these terms. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Any relationship was possible. As hujzinga, however, was his decision to adopt the metaphor of seasonality something he somewhat regretted [xxi]which made it inevitable and natural for a civilization to come to a crisis.

Relying hea The abbreviated version, purportedly translated from the German edition and truncated because Huizinga believed that Americans wouldn’t understand the complete version, Be that as it may, I have read both this and the later complete translation from the Dutch and the important argument is here. Gibbon, by con- trast, created his subject, transposing Tacitus’s sour end-of-the-world tone to what he hoped was a real end of sorts-the huizinta of the empire-go on as it would.

Of course it is — it is nearly a hundred years old. Esencial para conocer y entender el Humanismo y el Renacimiento. Of its author, the New York Times said, “Professor Huizinga has dressed his imposing and variegated assemblage of facts in the colorful garments characteristic of novels, and he parades them from his first page to the last in a vivid style.

The brief final chapter, “The Coming of the New Form,” consists of ten equivocal pages that argue that “the new arrives as a form before it really becomes a new spirit” Het gaat over het algemeen over de overgang van de Middeleeuwen naar de Renaissance, vooral in de Bourgondische landen en Nederland.

Protestant historians, Enlightenment writers, and their nineteenth-century liberal descendants expected that the end of the medieval came when a process of intellectual uplift was undertaken: This book will take the same place as did Dante’s work, I acknowledge the importance of it and the impact but I can’t appreciate the original.


But as I asume this book is mainly still read by historians we shoulkd not complain cos we have read far more complicated stuff.

What is it that keeps the boat afloat? View all 18 comments. The Western world was ready for something new, i. Profound pessimism spread a general gloom over life.

The Waning of the Middle Ages is likely to appear on anyone’s list of the ten best books ever written on medieval history, and a plausible argument would place it near the top [it’s one of the all-time best sellers on the subject] … But Huizinga stands alone and remote from the ongoing dialogues in medieval studies.

Some of the status comments appear elsewhere in the review. I found it similarly interesting for my own experience of the transition from the Late Modernism of my childhood to the early Postmodernism of my youth, and the Second Era of Globalization of my maturity. We view the late Middle Ages through the psychology and thought of artists, theologians, poets, court chroniclers, princes, and statesmen of the period, witnessing the splendor and simplicity of medieval life, its courtesy and cruelty, its idyllic vision of life, despair and mysticism, religious, artistic, and practical life, and much more.

The Autumn of the Middle Ages – Johan Huizinga – Google Books

The period of genuine feudality and the flourishing of knighthood ended during the thirteenth century. He saw the period as one of pessimism, cultural exhaustion, and nostalgia, rather than of rebirth and optimism. One of the many sources of that hiizinga prose style is crucial: My only complaint, which had nothing to do with Huizinga, was the horribly inconsistently edited and sketchy Kindle edition.

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However grand or small the topic seems, “In order to begin an analysis, there must already be a synthesis in mind.