Tipitaka Sutta Pitaka Majjhima Nikaya Jivaka Sutta Translation by Upalavanna I heard thus. At one time the Blessed One lived in Raajagaha, in the mango. Thus have I heard: The Bhagava was once staying at the Mango Grove of Jivaka Komarabhacca1 in Rajagaha. Then Jivaka Komarabhacca approached the. Are Buddhists vegetarian? Learn what did BUDDHA say about eating meat. Are Buddhists vegetarian? Many modern Buddhists do not know.

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Venerable sir, what I said, referred to exactly that.

Are Buddhist vegetarian? What did BUDDHA say about eating meat.

How good that this lay householder or householder’s son serves me with good almsfood! As though an oil stta was lighted, for those who have sight to see forms.

Will there not be legitimate cause for censure, however little, in what the Bhagava allegedly says and in the repetition of it by other people? In fact, the exception reinforce the rule…. Now I understand this, venerable sir: Then a householder or a householder’s son comes to him and invites him for the next day’s meal. I declare that meat should not jivama eaten under three circumstances: The Way to Nibbana.


Do they really describe what is in accordance with the truth, so that nothing can provide reason for any criticism.

Majjhima Nikaya 55

When he degrades the Tathagata or his disciple by knowingly offering meat that is impermissiblethat is the fifth instance of his accumulating much demerit. That householder or his son serves him with the nourishing food with his own hands. Facebook Auto Publish Powered By: Venerable sir, the Blessed One is my visible witness to that; for jivaa Blessed One indeed also dwells in such infinite friendliness Fetch that living being!

Buddha denies this, and explains his position on meat this way: Do those who say, ‘People slaughter living beings purposely for Samana Gotama and Samana Gotama knowingly eats meat of animals slaughtered intentionally for him and on account of him’ say it in accordance with what the Jiva,a says?

If the bhikkhu desires he accepts and at the end of that night, putting on robes and taking bowl and robes, approaches the house of that householder or the son of the householder and sits on the prepared seat.

May I be remembered as one who has taken refuge from today until life lasts. This have I heard: Your email address will not be published. How did vegetarianism started off for Buddhism?

Jeevaka, does this bhikkhu think hivaka trouble himself, another or both at that moment? Jivaka, jivaak who speak thus, do not truthfully speak about what has been said or done by me, but misrepresent me with what is untrue and quite contrary to the actual facts Jeevaka, does this bhikkhu think to trouble himself, another, or trouble both at that moment?


Having taken his seat, he addressed the Bhagava thus: Now I understand venerable sir.

At one time the Blessed One lived in Raajagaha, in the mango orchard of Jiivaka, the foster son of the prince. To him comes a householder or a householder’s son inviting him for the next day’s meal.

Jivaka was already a lay Sotapanna Stream-Enterer before hearing this discourse. I have heard, that Brahma abides in equanimity.

Jivaka Sutta – An Animal Slaughtered For you » Dhammikaweb

Verily, Venerable Sir, the Bhagava abides in goodwill. Go and fetch that living sentient being this is the first instance in which he lays up much demerit. It is wonderful, Venerable Sir, it is marvellous.

Bhikkhus nourish themselves only with blameless food.