James Lovelock will go down in history as the scientist who changed our view of the Earth from a barren rock covered with a thin coating of life. In The Revenge of Gaia, bestselling author James Lovelock- father of climate studies and originator of the influential Gaia theory which views the entire earth as. The Revenge of Gaia: Why the Earth Is Fighting Back—and How We Can Still Save James Lovelock, Author, Crispin Tickell, Foreword by.

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The Revenge of Gaia by James E. Lovelock

Gaia, the living planet he first in modern times identified as such, and British “civilization” which has been one of the forces most destructive of the whole relationship to Gaia he sees as essential to human survival.

So how does civilization redeem us, if its very revennge may be our own demise? There are plenty of interesting facts along the way and the author is a passionate advocate of changing how we live to safeguard our future. Sure there is collateral damage to bird eggs, but not enough for Rachel Carson to write about. As permafrost melts, trapped methane a powerful greenhouse gas will be released. A gripping book outlining a ‘newly discovered’ perspective on the biosphere of our planet, expanding Darvin’s theory of evolution itself.

Observer review: The Revenge of Gaia by James Lovelock | Books | The Guardian

But what to do, hopefully before it is too late? It would be great if Obama could put together a balanced commission of suitably chosen experts who were required to report quickly, weighing up the competing views and rating the arguments for and against. As Lovelock argues, “Whatever form future society takes it will be tribal, and hence there will be the privileged and the poor”. Views Read Edit Gia history. Lovrlock are a ‘plague lvelock people’, he jams, an infestation that has wrecked Earth.

I’m more concerned with deforestation, chemicals in the food and oil spills because these are things that absolutely are undebatable. Sure we will be tribal and the elite will eat real meat cooked with sauces, but hey, what the heck It’s this kind of narrow minded attitude to others ideas that means we’ll never come to the consensus needed to get out of this mess. I am a bit of a tree hugger but on the other hand its become blatantly obvious that the globalist scumbags who cause most of the environmental problems have co-opted much of the environmental movement.


There was a lot about this which made a lot of sense – Lovelock’s discussions of energy generation esp.

Beam me up Scotty The philosopher and historian of ideas John Gray observed in his book Straw Dogs that only rarely do we see beyond the needs of humanity, and he linked this blindness to our Christian and humanist infrastructure. Yes … fusion, the same energy that powers the sun! Thanks for telling us about the problem. Civilzation has only slightly sanitized these awful trends and called them war. Tribal people are intelligent, resourceful, sensitive, vivacious, and creative, and they have strong social cohesion This guy Lovelock is obviously in the new world order camp of environmentalism.

Does he mean nuclear power plants built by the lowest bidder? This book warns that if we don’t take care of Gaia, especially as she is aging and weakening, Gaia will “self-regulate” humans into extinction to save itself. May 07, Adam rated it liked it Shelves: Both decry the mainstream environmentalist movement that tells us we can save the planet if we just change our lifestyles, or that “sustainable development” is a panacea that will allow us to have and eat our cake the Earth.

Taking a top down view, the problem is farming animals in the first place. Lovelock is renowned for his development, with biologist Lynn Margulis, in the early s of the idea of Gaia, ‘the dynamical physiological system that has kept our planet fit for life for more than three billion years’.

He crows that his “Queen” opened the first nuclear power plant in the ‘s. In The Revenge of Gaiabestselling author James Lovelock- father of climate studies and originator revrnge the influential Gaia theory which views the entire earth as a living meta-organism-provides a definitive look at our imminent global crisis. Judging by the political rhetoric coming from world leaders, the pessimist in me says absolutely; the romantic, naive Southern California ‘s beach chick surely hopes not.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I can see why people are fearful of nuclear power because of nuclear weapons. Lists with This Book. This idea bothered me so much that I couldn’t finish the book and had to put it down. Lovelock doesn’t hold back in suggesting drastic actions which are hard or me to accept, such as the mass manufacturing of a “fake” food in factories to keep our bodies functioning without the need to use up the land for farming and cattle personally, I like my “real” food, and I’m sure most of us doand in situations like this he doesn’t suggest ways to “please” the people, but then again his focus is not on people, it’s on the Earth.


Life on Earth, but for how much longer?

Some editions of the book have a different, less optimistic subtitle: The book often touches on some heavily depressing facts that weighed my heart down at times and sheds light o Some of these reviews criticize his conservative and often anglocentric views on social issues which surround environmentalism, and I do agree that some of his opinions come off very strong and narrow-minded.

Tribal behaviour is surely written in the language of our genetic code, or why else would we as a mob or a crowd do the evil things that only psychopaths would do alone. I read The Revenge of Gaia in order to understand Lovelock’s analysis of climate change and what’s in store for our future, and for that I am not sorry I read it. He acknowledges that we have already set the ball rolling on this, and that it would be nearly impossible for us to hold it back now. I did know that: Jul 27, Adam Dolphin jame it really liked it.

Globalized society cannot act in cohesion and come to a consensus decision on the environment because it is NOT locally grounded and tribally organizednot the other way around!

I personally saw some of the displaced, the refugees, did you Mr. I completely agree with the Gaia theory; all things kf earth are a part of one system and that there are checks and balances as revebge earth tries to keep things in check. Each consequence is backed up by Lovelock with sound scientific reasoning, and his theories are explained delicately enough for both scientists and casual readers to absorb.

He lost me by page 97 and I started howling shortly after that. View all 31 comments.

Actually, I recant the first sentence of the preceding paragraph. Whilst many may not agree with the solutions to the global warming crisis that are by Lovelock, The Revenge of Gaia is exceedingly well written and serves as a stark reminder as to what may happen if immediate action is not taken to lovwlock the damage humanity has caused to the Earth.