JALTOMATO – (Jaltomata procumbens) a.k.a. Creeping False Holly – 10 small seeds A small and rare little plant bearing purple-black berry-like fruits that have a. Link to Jaltomata of Arizona, Mexico and Central America . Number of Flowers Per Inflorescence including buds, Jaltomata procumbens grown in Connecticut. Jaltomato. Jaltomata procumbens. a.k.a. Creeping False Holly. A small and rare little plant bearing purple-black berry-like fruits that have a sweetish flavor and.

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Elisabeth dos Santos Now containing plants. I observed ripe fruits remaining attached on plants of accessions,and Fall W, photo of W specimen, F neg. Yes but not as strongly as those shown in figure 1, procumbbens figure 6. Pubescent to sparsely pubescent, at least some of the hairs gland-tipped. Hardiness Unknown, probably not frost hardy, but the plant can be grown in any climate as an annual. Datura metel Double Purple Datura.

Link to Jaltomata of Ecuador. Note filaments do not angle out strongly like those of a different accession shown in Jaltomxta 1 D. The flowers are small and inconspicuous.

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Datura inoxia Thorn Apple. Lycopersicon skorospelka Lycopersicon skorospelka.

Creeping False Holly

Do filaments Angle Out? The corolla expands when the filaments elongate on day 2 of the open flower’s life.

BM “Hooker’s herbarium” according to Miers l. Yes, one plant, three different flowers on three different days.

Jaltomata procumbens – Wikipedia

The sacred plants of the ancient Mayans, Aztecs and Incas. Grown as Mione Solanaceae so-lan-AY-see-ee Info Genus: Mione cotton blue in lactophenol Mione Costa Rica They have a spicy tomatillo-like flavor, trading the tomatillo’s sourness for a slight sweetness instead. The specimens that at times have been recognized as a distinct species are probably merely be an ecotype of J.

Varricchio, ovules by Thomas Mione, They are often confused with each other, and there were some accusations that the Wonderberry was nothing but a S. The seeds will settle to the bottom, and the remaining pulp can be used to make jelly or Units along top are mm. Flora Peruviana, et Chilensis 2: This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Plant in native habitat Photograph by: Atropa erecta Zuccagni may be a synonym Jaltomata contorta R.


Iochroma grandiflora Giant Iochroma. Ripening fruit Photograph by: Ruler 12″ horizontally on top of pot for scale.

Pubescent, at least some of the hairs gland-tipped, but no fluid at tip. Laxopa, m, 6 SepN. CCSU both greenhouses, Mar The fruit has a pleasant taste and aroma and is prized as a food source by many peoples.

Witheringia diffusa Miers Witheringia procumbens Cav. Flowers shown in pistillate phase. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, southeastern slopes. Bristol GH, US.

Jaltomato – Jaltomata procumbens – Seeds

Mione May Mione 6 Costa Rica 1. They fall off when ripe. Fisher US type specimen of Saracha procumbens var.

Capsicum flexuosum Capsicum flexuosum. Elisabeth dos Santos, Seeds of Jaltomata procumbens. If one observes jaltomat a dissecting microscope, and touches the droplet that is at the terminus of each hair, the droplet disappears.