Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. Jakob von Gunten has ratings and reviews. Gaurav said: Jakob von GuntenRobert WalserJakob von Gunten dissects the remote and vulnerable regi.. . Among Walser’s works available in English are Berlin Stories and Jakob von Gunten (both available as NYRB classics), Thirty Poems, The Walk, The Tanners, .

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From his friend and stark opposite, Jqkob, to Herr Benjamenta, the principal, Jakob learns that they are as much him as anyone else. Mar 30, Gunhen rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I respect it for its singularity of vision, yet oddly didn’t enjoy it exactly. It would not be appropriate to keep Walser in the breath of literature in which we put Kafka, Sartre, Nietzsche and others since Walser has not been an ‘intellectual’ author- once it was said for him that he is ‘comic Kafka’.

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Is Jakob breathtakingly impudent, or is he worryingly compliant? Walser’s writing is characterized by its linguistic sophistication and animation. It is impossible to read: So what do you get? He knows in any case that he is being made to look small. Sovrani, nulla fanno per porle un rimedio e neppure englis commentarla. One learns very little here, observes young Jakob von Gunten after his first day at the Benjamenta Institute, where he has enrolled himself as a student.

Certainly, I was unable to find my way into its mysteries — they seemed jakkob stage props for monologues rather than genuine intrigues. A chi danno da mangiare le conquiste spirituali? We well, at least I are not sure exactly what he is. My question, one that I find interesting, is: To live is what matters, then the observation happens off his own account.


I jakkb to track him down and to bludgeon him to death. Snooping engljsh for opinions and thoughts. He wisely says nothing in reply — even when the headmaster confesses his love for him. And everything in between.

Jakob von Gunten – Wikipedia

Both books have an interesting twist on who’s got the power and who submits. Our hero Jakob, a precocious middle-class teenager who runs away from the comforts of home and submits himself to the Benjamenta Institute to learn to be a servant, goes back and forth himself on his preference for being the master or the servant. Click here to buy this book Amazon. How mean is that?

Another set of perspectives, another perfectly true world. Ancient, yes, that was the predominant feeling I was left with at the end, though the writing has nothing biblical about it whatsoever being extremely lighthearted and jolly in tone As I was reading through Jakob von Gunten I wondered what genre it belonged to.

I despise my capacity for thinking. I see him as a zero as he obviously does me. Kraus’s vocabulary embodies an impression which seems to shape out his character of humility, servitude.

Minutes passed before he found the courage to go on reading, reluctantly and at the same time fascinated by those shattering sentences, which were written with ghostly lightness.

He perceives something special in Jakob. Not too much to throw me into a tizzy and not too little that I may slip into ennui. Walser does read like a civilized Celine, and just as Celine loathed the overall project of Capitalist advance in his two major novels, so does Walser give a hint of similar bemoaning.

If so, you’re a better German Romantic or possibly post-modernist or possibly surrealist than I am. Jakob von Gunten is also a difficult novel from which to quote given how the reader manages to catch small glimpses of how the narrative voice will develop and evolve, something that this reviewer would not wish to ruin for any future reader of this very precious book.


Jakob von Gunten

Here’s the cover of the Vintage Books trade paperback I have pages. But perhaps I have aristocratic blood in my veins.

There’s only a Principal and his Wife who grow increasingly interested in Jakob. Th Imagine the school scenes from Gormenghast rewritten by Kafka and you’ll have a good idea of the atmosphere of Jakob von Guntena short and stodgy philosophical fable of a very Germanic kind. With that nagging thought, Jakob von Gunten’s ambivalence is reassuring. I think I will add Jakob Von Gunten to my growing list of “book characters I spend afternoons imagining I am friends with”. Honestly, after around 30 pp.

The school englisu been failing for a long engpish, with a falling intake of pupils. The first sentence took his breath away: I hated the first half of this novel. He, like others in the neighborhood, fly his pro and college sports flags and hang these banners from the deck-railings and window ledges.

This is a petulant being, yet one who aches for earnestness. Jakob von Gunten is a first-person account told by its titular protagonist, a young man of noble background who runs off from home and decides to spend the rest of his life serving others. When I see a painting in a gallery or museum I avoid at all costs the name of the artist until I have experienced and been impacted by the work itself.

Paperbackpages. I’ve routinely found that I write, with a certain vehemence, on an idea only to explore the opposite with the same ferocity a few months, sometimes days later. View all 20 comments.