METHOD FOR. PCB .. Jadual 2: Nilai P, R dan T. P. (RM). R. (%). T .. RM25, Month/year of deduction agreed by the employer: April .. DALAM TAHUN SEMASA BAGI TUJUAN POTONGAN CUKAI BULANAN (PCB). If you are looking for the Potongan Cukai Bulanan (PCB, a.k.a. Scheduled Monthly Tax Deduction) table (Jadual PCB ) from the. // should apply the amendment to the specification for SEMASA BAGI TUJUAN POTONGAN CUKAI BULANAN (PCB).

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Most time you will get back your money the following year. Basic Supporting Equipment 5, You don’t declare you tax Newer Post Older Post Home. Isikan kedua-dua nombor kad pengenalan baru dan lama sekiranya ada.

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So by this way, u can get ur money back and then u will submit income tax. Pekerja dibenarkan untuk membuat tuntutan potongan yang telah dibelanjakan sehingga had yang dibenarkan dalam tahun yang sama. The employer may change the category of remuneration based on the approval from the IRBM. A3 Nama Majikan Terdahulu 2: Seorang pekerja menerima saraan bulanan berjumlah RM11, Outdated la, this is the latest rates: Pasangan suami dan isteri yang bekerja mempunyai 5 orang anak.


Show posts by this member only Post 1. Upon getting value of P, the value of T are determined based on Schedule 2 below where value of T depends on category of employee. Site Search Enter your search terms Web voyager8. If the chargeable income does not exceed RM35, employee is eligible for individual and spouse rebate for RM, respectively. Seorang pekerja telah berkahwin dan isteri tidak bekerja.

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Subscribe to this forum Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board. RM5, per month 13 9. By this way, u cannot lari true also la. Auspicious dates for renovation in Auspicious dates for marriage proposal or engageme Education and Medical Insurance 3, Both basic pay and allowance are taxable.

Individual Deduction of RM9, Please complete the Passport No. SG potngan have to be filled as Example 2: I dont have any other income than that Income TaxFirst time procedure. Feb 2 Borang ini hendaklah diisi oleh pekerja dan satu salinan diserahkan kepada majikan tanpa resit atau dokumen sokongan untuk tujuan pelarasan pengiraan PCB. Perquisite whether in money or otherwise provided to the employee pursuant to his employment in respect of: Claim for deduction in no.


So susah hati seeing money kena potong so big like that A have to be filled as A Example 2: The parents shall be resident in Malaysia. And our annual income tax also go to LHDN.

PCB every month collect from u, it has a different formula to calculate your monthly collection. Potongan-potongan yang telah dibuat bagi pendapatan pekerja untuk tahun terdahulu dalam tahun semasa adalah seperti berikut: