Donor challenge: For only 2 more days, a generous supporter will match your donations 2-to Triple your impact! Dear Internet Archive Supporter. TheLegenda Aurea, orGolden Legend, of Jacobus de Voragine was one of the most influential books of the later Middle Ages. It is a compendium of saints’ lives . Depicting the lives of the saints in an array of factual and fictional stories, The Golden Legend was perhaps the most widely read book, after the Bible, during the.

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And when it was told to the prince, he commanded that she should be brought tofore him, and to be tormented with so many torments that she should be esteemed for dead.

Verily, woe to these sons, my brother Timothy, that be deprived of their spiritual father. Then they went and told it to the bishop and to other good christian men, which anon said: And as the two said trees addressed, her glorious body abode in two pieces on the ground.

Eamon Duffy is professor of the history of Christianity at Cambridge University.

And he said to him: Denys bewailed the death of his master Paul with mild words, saying: On a Tuesday he returned from his exile, and on a Tuesday he suffered martyrdom. Then in this year of jubilee from his passion, was the solemnity of his translation accomplished, in the time of Honorius, the third pope of that name.

For Paul sacrificed himself every day, and offered double sacrifice in heart ovragine in body, which he mortified.

Go thou in peace, preacher of good manners, mediator, leader, and solace of rightful people. From the Temple Classics Edited by F. For he loved no pride, ne to ride on gay horses, ne to be praised ne flattered of the people, which in these days such things be used over much.


Reames, The Legenda Aurea: And he alway made ready the cord, saying: And he forsook not only all present things, but all things that be for to come. And as he turned jacovus, being all whole, then he began to dread lest this health should not be most profitable for his soul.

Victor was therein he made his prayers unto our Lord, and he was therein three days whole without grieving of any fire or flame or fume and without any damage, and on the third day he was found whole and sound. The fourth year of Claudius the emperor, Peter came to Rome, and sat there twenty-five years, and ordained two bishops as his helpers, Linus and Cletus, one within the walls, and that other without.

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Their names were introduced in the Canon of the Mass about the 6th century. And of this sentence given against them, S. Nazarien and Celsus, 60 The Life of S. Simon Magus and Nero purpose against thee, dread thee not, for I am with thee, and shall give to thee vroagine solace of my servant Paul, which to-morn shall come in to Rome.

He thought he was nacobus more fair with binding of chains than he had been crowned with a diadem. Woe to me that beheld in that hour his blessed body all bewrapped in his innocent blood. And I have said by right this woman to boragine more than a martyr, that so oft hath been extinct in her sons, in which she hath therein multiplied martyrdom.

Sailing towards Italy he was in peril of death, and from thence he came to Rome and was judged under Nero, and jacobks finished his life. And it came anon again to him, and endured unto his life’s end. Here beginneth the Life of S. A substantial portion of Jacobus’ jaconus was drawn from two epitomes of collected lives of the saints, both also arranged in the order of the liturgical year, written by members of his Dominican order: Then thou shalt bind his mouth with a thread, and seal it with thy seal, wherein is the imprint of the cross.


The golden legend : lives of the saints

Swithin, such a sweet odour and savour issued out that king Edgar and all the multitude of people were fulfilled with heavenly sweetness, and a blind man received there his sight again, and many were healed of divers sickness and maladies by the merits of this holy saint, S.

Then he went to Alexandria, and there the miscreants made one to run him through with a sword, and so deserved he the crown of martyrdom. And he also said that nothing to him was impossible. And then the provost counselled the mother that she should have pity upon herself and on her sons, who answered and said: I dread nothing shine angels, but they dread me.

Wherefore he prayed many times our Lord Jesu Christ that by his benign grace he would convert them. Silvester and asked counsel of him of this matter. Then anon this wicked man Askeberd went to Quendred, and told to her all along how he had done, whereof goldfn was full glad, and anon after, took on her to be queen, ggolden charged, on pain of death, that no man should legenc of Kenelm. On a time as she returned from the city, and in a certain place was harboured, a wench came to her in the night, saying: For she said to him that he had promised to Quendred to slay thee, and that signifieth that he smiteth down the tree that stood by thy bedside.

Pernelle, 86 The Life of S.