YASKAWA AC Drive-J Type: CIMR-JU. Compact V/f Control Drive. Models: V Class, Three-Phase Input: to kW. V Class, Single-Phase. YASKAWA AC Inverter Series J Document Download. The J meets all automation requirements for compact applications with variable speed operation and energy saving characteristics. A wide range of useful.

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Inverter Series J1000

Install an EMC noise filter to the input side specified by Yaskawa for compliance with European standards. Warranty Information Customers who intend to use the product described in this manual for devices or systems relating to transportation, health care, space aviation, atomic power, electric power, or in underwater applications must first contact their Yaskawa representatives or the nearest Yaskawa sales office.

Continue with steps 3 to 5 until the last data has been processed. Resets the data for the U2-oo monitors. Page L Reverse Direction Closed: Precautions on installing a leakage breaker Chapter 8 Revision: Normal Duty keeps the cost of the application down by allowing the use of a larger motor. Page 83 As a safety precaution, the drive will not normally respond to a Run input when the digital operator is being used to adjust parameters in the Programming Mode Verify Menu, Setup Mode, Parameter Settings Mode.

yaskzwa In particular, in the small-sized AC Drive field, a strong demand is growing for miniaturization and cost reduction of AC Drive itself with the demand for the reduction in machinery size.


Open the catalog to page 5. Page Resets the data for the U2-oo monitors. Disabled Disables the braking resistor protection. Section Safety Check all the wiring to ensure that all connections are correct after installing the drive and connecting any other devices. Verify that the rated voltage of the drive matches the voltage of the incoming power supply before applying power.

Open the catalog to page 4. The display automatically returns to the screen shown in Step 4. Main Frequency Reference 1: Current derating must be considered. Yaskawa recommends checking the maintenance period regularly to ensure maximum performance life. To prevent this problem, wait approximately 5 seconds after issuing the ENTER command before shutting off drive power. If the slave address specified in the command message is 00H, all slaves execute the write function, but do not return response u1000 to the master.

Contact Yaskawa or your Yaskawa agent to order these peripheral devices. Decelerates at the Fast-Stop time C Page 21 Figure 1. Page To be sure that the data is valid, perform a CRC calculation on the response message data as described above.

Our specialized engineers will respond you politely with their true opinions. I1000 Command Yaskswa on page 80 details on external reference parameter selections. Recommended Daily Inspection Table 7. This chapter explains the installation of available peripheral devices and options for the drive.

Default setting value is dependent on parameter C, Carrier Frequency Selection. Any warnings provided by Yaskawa must be promptly provided to the end user.


Cooling Fan Replacement Install the replacement cooling fan into the drive, ensuring the alignment pins line up, as shown in the figure below: Overexcitation provides increased braking torque without the need for a braking resistor, keeping the installation compact and the cost low.

Frequency reference is too low.

Reattach all protective covers when wiring is complete. Improper equipment sequencing could result in damage to the drive.

Properly separate control circuit wiring and main circuit wiring. Wire Gauge and Torque Specifications Yasiawa Default setting value is dependent on parameter o, Drive Model Selection.

J – YASKAWA Europe GmbH

The different speed references can be selected as shown in Table 5. By changing the Duty Mode the drive maximum applicable motor power changes and the E2-ooparameters are automatically set to appropriate values.

Start-up Flowchart Fine tune parameters. Inspection Recommended Daily Inspection Table 7. Terminal Block Configuration Models: Also See for J Quick start manual – 38 pages Technical manual – 21 pages Quick start manual – 2 pages. Yaskawa is not responsible for modification of the product made by the user. Run command accepted only in the operation menu. Drive Derating Data The drive standard ratings are valid for an installation altitude up to m.