A fully revised version of ISBP, ICC publication is now available, after a series of draft versions, with the first draft produced in May The International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP) is a publication of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). It offers crucial guidance on the documents. ISBP. ▻ The first ISBP () was approved in October and published on Revised in April (), this revision ensured a better connection to.

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A Guide to International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP 745)

The ISBP now states publicatio when a certificate, declaration or statement is required by the Letter of Credit, the document is to be signed. It is the expectation of the Drafting Group and the Banking Commission that the application of the principles contained in the ISBP, including subsequent revisions thereof, will continue during the time UCP is in force.

The previous version of ISBP mentions there is no need for a mirror image when comparing the description of goods on the invoice to the description on the Letter of Credit. The Essential Guide to Letters of Credit for Exporters Advanced Guide to Letters of Credit for Exporters This article highlights some of the key changes in the revised guide but it is worth emphasising why the first ISBP was produced back inboth with the same objective ; To encourage a uniformity of practice worldwide to reduce the number of credits rejected by banks owing to discrepancies.

It eliminates certain risks, improves Cash Flow and can considerably speed up and simplify transactions. A range of individuals and groups contributed to the current revision including: The documents will not otherwise be examined for compliance under the credit or UCPincluding whether they are presented in the required number of originals or copies.

International Standard Banking Practice Online Training 12 hours of isnp instruction and training in the International Standard Banking Practice for the examination of pubblication under documentary credits ISBP to enhance the knowledge and skills of documentary credit professionals.

Because the rules are incorporated voluntarily into contracts, the rules are flexible while providing a stable base for international review, including judicial scrutiny. The Next Steps December Brexit: An example is provided using an invoice which describes the goods as “imitation suede shoes” whereas the Letter of Credit’s description is “suede shoes”.


Risks for banks and exporters. Copy transport documents are to be examined only to the extent expressly stated in the credit, otherwise according to UCP sub-article 14 fwhich effectively means that the documents appears to fulfil the function of the required document and that there is no conflict regarding the data on the document, with any other document stipulated in the Letter of Credit.

Fax For other uses, see UCP.

International Standard Banking Practice for the Examination of Documents under Documentary Credits is an International Chamber of Commerce ICC publication which provides important guidance to documentary credit examiners and practitioners relating to the examination of documents presented against Letters of Credit.

Registered in England and Wales. Views Read Edit View history. It is unusual to come across a Letter of Credit which does not call for some form of certificate evidencing that After the three-year period a process of Re-Certification is required where the professional has to provide evidence of Continued Professional Development to maintain the accreditation or re-sit the examination.

International Standard Banking Practice

This is valuable clarification for every isbo credit practitioner. Where a credit is issued subject to UCP, the credit will be interpreted in accordance with the entire set of 39 articles contained in UCP The ISBP full title: A significant function of the ICC is the preparation and promotion of its uniform rules of practice. In the Preliminary Considerations section there is an expanded paragraph on the risks that arise when a beneficiary accepts a Letter of Credit which requires the presentation of a document that is to be issued, signed or countersigned by the applicant.

The tried and tested policy iebp quoting goods description on the invoice verbatim, as per the description on isgp Letter of Credit is still the best course of action.

So the bank in question erroneously raised this as a discrepancy. Perhaps one of the areas that causes the most debate amongst documentary credit practitioners is the description of goods on the invoice compared to the description as stated within the Letter of Credit. This fresh interpretation does at least provide some criteria, albeit very scant, should this set phrase be encountered. The UCP is utilized by bankers and commercial parties in more than countries in trade finance. Log In to Online Training.


This article will highlight some of the key changes in the revised guide but it publicatoon worth emphasising why the first ISBP was produced back inand the objectives were.

International Standard Banking Practice | ICC Store

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page was last edited on 6 Octoberat With this in mind, the ISBP indicates that if a letter of credit states that the details of a shipping mark are to be evidenced on specific documents, these details must be shown but not necessarily in the exact same sequence as expressed in the letter of credit. When a credit indicates the port of loading by also stating the country in which the port is located, the name of the country need not be stated.

Historically, the commercial parties, particularly banks, have developed the techniques and methods for handling letters of credit in international trade finance. Who Are Strong and Herd?

An invaluable source of practical information for trade finance professionals and academics, this revised edition of ISBP provides readers with the latest ICC approved guidelines for all parties to documentary credits. With this in mind, the ISBP indicates that if a Letter of Credit states that the details of a shipping mark are to be evidenced on specific documents, these details must be shown but not necessarily in the exact same sequence as expressed in the Letter of Credit.

This interpretation has been warmly welcomed, rather unsurprisingly by many freight forwarders as this is a very clear section and leaves the documentary practitioner ibp no doubt about what is acceptable.

The hope and expectation that surrounded the development of eUCP has failed the UCP and it will remain as a supplement albeit slightly amended to identify its relationship with UCP