ISBN: Front endsheets Author: Bodie/Kane/Marcus Color: 4c Title: Investments, 9e Pages: 2,3 Want an online, searchable version of your. Investments Solution Manual Bodie Kane Marcus Mohanty. Course: BSc(Hons) FInancial Analysis (BFA). Chapter 01 – The Investment Envir. 14 15 16 24 25 the investment environment asset classes and financial instruments how securities are traded 10 mutual funds and other investment.

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Chapter 22 – Futures Markets Since the T2 cash flow is riskless and the net investment was zero, then any profits represent an arbitrage opportunity.

The price of the convertible bond will move one-for-one with changes in the price of the underlying stock. Intuitively, for very large stock prices, the value of the portfolio is simply the present value of the exercise price of the call, and is unaffected by small changes in the stock price. This is a negative beta position. The parity relationship tells us that the futures price is determined by the stock price, the interest rate, and the dividend yield; it is not a function of beta.

An option is out of the money when exercise of the option would be unprofitable. Browse Related Browse Related. Calculate the option values at expiration. Call B must have the lower time to expiration. The call option is distinguished by its asymmetric payoff. Our goal is a portfolio with the same exposure to the stock as the hypothetical protective put portfolio.

The hedge ratio approaches 1. The holding period return is: This follows from spot-futures parity: Our ranking would be: If the stock price is substantially less than the exercise price, then the likelihood that the option will be exercised is low, and fluctuations in the market price of the stock have relatively little impact on the value of the option.


The value of a put option also increases with the volatility bodiee the stock. The cost to establish the portfolio is X — S 0. Equivalently, if the U. That minimum value is: There is little hedging or speculative demand for cement futures, investmment cement prices are fairly stable and predictable.

When the stock pays a dividend, the option to exercise a call early can be valuable. If the franc falls, the company will benefit from the change in the exchange rate. Under these circumstances, the buyer of an option loses the benefit of the leverage provided by options that are near the money. The major difference in the calculations necessary to formulate a hedge position in each market lies in the manner in which the first step identified above is computed.

The maecus cost of the collar is zero. Another consideration that affects the U. The cost ofthe portfolio is: The elasticity of a call option is higher the more out of the money is the option.

The loss in the value of the underlying bond during the six month holding period is offset by the cash payment made at expiration date to the holder of the short position in the forward contract; that is, a short position in the forward contract protects hedges the long position in the underlying asset.

Sally does better when the stock price is high, but worse when the stock price is low. Call A must be written on the stock with higher volatility. The option on the stock with higher firm-specific risk is worth more.

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Calls have hedge ratios less than 1. Thus, the stock plus bills strategy replicates both the cost and payoff of the protective put. The maximum possible gain is unlimited if the stock price moves outside the breakeven range of prices.

Therefore, Salomon should sell options because the analysis suggests the options are overpriced with respect to true volatility. Finally, the dollar change in value of the underlying asset, along with the dollar change in the value of the futures contract, determines the hedge ratio.


The ability to buy on margin is one advantage of futures. The value of this portfolio generally decreases with the stock price. American options should cost more have a higher premium. The call values in the second period are: This can be explained by a lower time to expiration. Given a futures price of and an equity price ofthe rate of return over the 3-month period is: The value of the call option is expected to decrease if the volatility of the underlying stock price decreases.

Salomon believes that the market assessment of volatility is too high. You will receive the textbook as shown on picture.

Chapter 20 – Options Markets: The expected one-year return for the Ytel common equity is: Therefore, its beta is higher.

Investments Bodie Kane Marcus

In a strangle strategy, the call has an exercise price above the stock price and marcuss put has an exercise price below the stock price. We are ignoring here any interest earned over this short period of investmennt on the premium income received from writing the option. The consequence of this is that the firm must be ready for the cash management issues surrounding cash inflows or outflows as the currency values and futures prices fluctuate.

Financial leverage measures the amount of financing other than equity, including short and long-term debt. There is no writing in this book all pages are intact, there are no rips or missing pages.