I know I’ve mentioned before how much I love Sewing Clothes Kids Love: Sewing Patterns and Instructions for Boys’ and Girls’ Outfits. Insa skirt: size matters! Sometimes these things happen. You sew something up and it doesn’t fit. Guess what, this rarely ever happens to me. Sewing Patterns and Instructions for Boys’ and Girls’ Outfits Nancy Langdon, 68 size chart, 62 sleeves, 68, 69 straight stitch, 51 Insa Skirt Dortje waistband.

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It’s sklrt bit big on her My mom’s birthday is April I think this will just be for layering instead of a sleeveless top. This time I rounded the bottom corners, and I did the zipper ends again. It’s a year ago also that I started this blog!

Posted by CraftyHourMom at 3: Posted by CraftyHourMom at 4: Fun pattern, once again!

Insa Skirt. | Sew it | Pinterest | Sewing clothes, Sewing and Sewing kids clothes

I figure it will fit her a while, as a skirt, or under skirts or dresses. I used the amazing circle skirt skitr by Patty of thesnugbug. The facing and the inner of the pockets are scraps from the polka dot ruffle top. I hope I can keep this up.


It has a fault every so often – the pocket and the tag are covering the two that were on this length of fabric! I have had this pinned for a very long time!! I love how it turned out!

Hopefully can add some modeling pics later – she is in a mood now. So far, so good! I used the tutorial heremostly for dimensions. Textileswhite cotton trim Size: I’m tired of sending plastic ziploc bags to school, but Ian can’t open the smaller plastic containers himself – he loves this flames bag!

Insa Skirt

Also probably should have tried to make the overskirt part stop where the bodice of that colour stops. The top ruffle on the skirt part ended up being just a touch to low to catch the serged edge in the waist seam, so I used a little white ribbon to cover it. Also did not do the button loop of fabric, but rather an elastic loop. FarbenmixgirlKCWCkidskidsclothesweeksewing. Wednesday, April 17, On a roll stash busting! If I apttern it again, I’d do one size smaller for width and one size bigger for length.

I based my pattern pieces on a size 80 to fit her this summer, but I think this one may run wide. I have most of the patterns I want to use traced out, just a few left.


Crafty Hour : April

These are 5″x6″ and 4″x4″. This one was a bit of a trial for something else I had in mind – I’m glad I decided to add a little detail, because I love it! Posted by CraftyHourMom at 6: The instructions for sewing the bubble hem had me twisting my brain inside out.

You basically leave a hole in the lining at one side seam, then gather the shell and sew the shell and lining together through that gap, “as far as you can reach”. But — I made this top, based on the lining of an Ottobre dress, still trying to figure out a woven top for my big-headed kid so I can do the Wellen tank.

Tuesday, April 30, Watermelon Fun. I had naptime to sew in, then a quiet evening, so more like 3 hours.