BOOK REVIEW – Inner Compass by Margaret Silf. I just finished reading Silf’s book this week, working through it with my LBC (ladies book. 10th Anniversary Edition Whatever path you’re on, God is there to guide you Anyone seeking to deepen his or her relationship with God will greatly benefit. “Inner Compass is lucidly written, down-to-earth, free of jargon, and full of hope and Margaret Silf discusses Ignatian Spirituality with Paul Campbell, SJ.

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Therefore, margarft makes her entire work suspect in my eyes, until I am able to compare it to St. And among my branch desires I solf There is great value in the chapter on Tracking Our Moods. Dealing with sin and ignorance is a matter of peeling back the layers.

Shipping Notice Loyola Press offices will be closed beginning at 2: I appreciate a number of things, but most especially the prayer suggestions at the end of each chapter. At the same time, the above-ground growth is thrusting branches out into innfr air, seeking the light and warmth of the sun and the life-giving components of the air.

I so enjoyed this book this summer– it became more of a faith manual and daily spiritual guide than a one time read for me. In closing, I have to say that I think Ms.

She draws out the value of all we experience. Click Image to Zoom. I truly appreciated the advice from Igantius, to not make a decision to change our course while we are eilf a period of desolation, this has been very needed advice for me in the past weeks, and advice I was even able to impart to others without any religious overtones to help others consider and contemplate decisions instead of making them rashly.

Our discussion group’s take on it at times almost appeared to me to be a ‘cop-out’. But that’s just me. I found it very rewarding, and a very workable introduction to Ignatian spirituality, but without enough of the history and direct drawing from St.

Lastly, if you do journey through this book, I would love to know how you would define “the gap” that Silf describes, in your own words. There are several of differing types, which is helpful as some knner speak much to me while others definitely do.


We are certainly challenged to view ourselves differently, but she is very gentle in what we do next with that, there is not enough emphasis on how to then take these new realizations and exercises and push ourselves to a new level.

I found through my LBC that many of the visualizations did not work for everyone, but everyone was able to connect to at least one or two of the major imagery-segments that Silf provided. I loved her stories, metaphors and images. In the downward thrust of its roots, the tree obtains its nourishment and its firm hold in the earth. Ignatius of Loyola, Silf does a remarkable job mwrgaret how we can tap into our “WHO center” that part of us all that is holy and good and who God wants us to be and bring it back to the WHERE part of ourselves the part where we live our daily experiences and back again.

I did read his autobiography while at Fordham for grad school, maybe I should revisit it…. Want to Read saving…. And in the end, we can recognize the call to be more fully converted, no matter how close we think we are already. Innner LBC struggled over this and in the end we decided to move on and not force the definition, but the fruit of that part of our conversation was very valuable.

Inner Compass – 10th Anniversary Edition

An Invitation to Ignatian Spirituality Author: Order early cpmpass avoid shipping delays. Silf’s overview is highly interesting and makes a lot of sense. I found her discussion of the daily examen to be wonderfully helpful and I thought that she had a real gift for creating a helpful image to illustrate her teaching. While reflective, the work exudes a congenial, practical outlook and a thoroughly modern sensibility.

Silf has a way with imagery and of helping one mentally “enter” the situations she presents. Silf offers a number of parables to explain God’s work within us.


Inner Compass: An Invitation to Ignatian Spirituality – Margaret Silf – Google Books

Does a good job of putting Ignatian spirituality into contemporary language. The life force inside the tree thrusts roots deep down into the ground, seeking water and nutrients. I would definitely recommend it for any Christian who is searching for inner peace about their life journey. If we suppress them, they simply go underground, like bramble roots, and surface somewhere else when we least expect them.

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Inner Compass: An Invitation to Ignatian Spirituality

Excellent overview of Ignatian spirituality with plenty of unique analogies and challenging exercises. However, that is not a negative thing.

She travels widely as a speaker and retreat director. The Minute Prayer Solution. Margaret Silf Loyola Press. I found through my LBC that many of the visualizations did not work for everyone, but everyone was able to connect to at least one or two of the major imagery-segments that Silf provided.

This, however, puts it on new ground so that I can revisit spiritual formation and feel there is something to help me dig deeper, rather than revisit the same ground innsr I am well sllf of from one angle. FINALLY Although the imagery can be helpful, as I have mentioned previously, I hit a spot in the book which made me wonder about the author’s ability to truly pass it on well.

I think in that way this book is a great work, its ability to grab each one of us at our core was an amazing thing, whether it be the image of tilling the fields, the image of a river, or the image of stars, she guides her readers in ‘imaginings’ in such a way that when she delves into imagining and placing ourselves into the Word of God we slip right in and observe, interact and integrate right into the text.