Para a epiderme adaxial e abaxial, índice estomático e razão PP/LF não houve diferenças significativas em nenhuma situação estudada. Para o parênquima. O índice de vulnerabilidade de Carlquist (IVC = diâmetro dos elementos Entretanto, o índice estomático aumentou 36% em todos os tratamentos contendo. El índice estomático es mayor en la cara abaxial. La lámina foliar posee ambas epidermis glabras y uniestratificadas. Inmediatamente por debajo de esta.

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O limbo foliar do ‘Siriema’ foi mais espesso que o da cv. C offea arabica L.

This paper aimed to verify the existence of the drought characteristics of resistance in seedlings during coffee development. Before the treatment induction, the seedlings were daily irrigated, then the treatments were estabilished: The experimental period lasted 10 days.

The experimental unit was composed by one plant with 5 replicates, disposed in freely randomized design. The polar and equatorial diameters of the stomata were higher in non-irrigated treatment for ‘Siriema’. Segundo Yamashita et al.


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