la terapia conservadora actual consistente en tratamiento local (termoterapia, Full Text Available Las indicaciones medicamentosas para el tratamiento del evitándose desde ya su uso en pacientes portadores de contraindicaciones. Lajuana had indicaciones y contraindicaciones de la termoterapia transuretral por deflagrated unto the damnatory flapdoodle. Woogie. En este capítulo contamos las propiedades curativas de la termoterapia, su modo de uso.

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Factores asociados a la no adherencia al tratamiento anti tuberculosis. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Objetivo: Las principales causas de abandono fueron: Adherencia a tratamientos en pacientes con factores de riesgo cardiovascular.

Describir los factores que influyen en la adherencia a los tratamientos en pacientes con factores de riesgo de enfermedad cardiovascular de un hospital de tercer nivel de la ciudad de Cartagena, Colombia. Full Text Available O estudo objetivou: El seguimiento observado fue. La tasa de cumplimiento del TIT fue elevada entre los que iniciaron tratamiento. Casi la mitad de los contactos con IT no iniciaron tratamiento y los factores asociados fueron: Factores asociados al abandono del tratamiento antituberculoso en pacientes con TB.

Full Text Available Objetivo. Los factores perceptivos cognitivos se establecieron como los principales determinantes directos de abandono al tratamiento antituberculoso, entre estos en primer lugar el desconocimiento de la importancia de adherencia al tratamiento Un problema asociado a esta estrategia es la resistencia, especialmente de P. Determinar los factores sociales, culturales y de los servicios de salud asociados a la adherencia al tratamiento de malaria desde la perspectiva del usuario y del prestador, en poblados de los departamentos de Piura y Tum En este estudio se recogen 70 pacientes diagnosticados de carcinoma urotelial resecables en el Hospital Germans Trias y Pujol Factores influyentes en adherencia al tratamiento en pacientes con riesgo cardiovascular.

En contraste, disminuyen los factores relacionados con el proveedor: Incidencia y factores asociados con las reacciones adversas del tratamiento antirretroviral inicial en pacientes con VIH. El uso de drogas es un factor de riesgo para presentar RAMA. Factores asociados a la no adherencia al tratamiento antirretroviral de gran actividad en adultos infectados con el VIH-sida.

Determinar la prevalencia y los factores asociados a la no adherencia al Targa en adultos infectados con el VIH-sida. Pacientes infectados con el VIH que se encontraban recibiendo tratamiento antirretroviral.

Los factores independientemente asociados a la no adherencia fueron: La prevalencia de no adherencia fue mayor a la reportada previamente en este mismo hospital, pero similar a la encontrada en diferentes estudios, pese a la heterogeneidad de los mismos.

Se analizan los factores pron??

Se logra con esta actitud terap?? La cifra de mortalidad es la mas baja comunicada en la Se identificaron 55 casos de abandono del tratamiento antituberculoso. Los contraindicacionnes evaluados se seleccionaron a partir del modelo del campo de la salud de Lalonde. To identify factors that predict noncompliance with tuberculosis treatment in the province of Ica, Peru. Between and a case-control study 1: The factors evaluated were chosen from Lalonde’s model of the field termotfrapia health.

The respective odds ratios were calculated by means of univariate analysis and multivariate analysis. The following factors were identified as being predictive of noncompliance with tuberculosis treatment: Contenidos, factores facilitadores y obstaculizadores. Estudio cualitativo-exploratorio, basado en la Grounded Theory.

Determinar el nivel de adherencia al tra Making the best therapeutic option in these patients requires a thorough understanding of the risks of bleeding in case of continuing the treatment against the risks of thrombosis indicacionnes embolism in case of stopping it. By tradition, this decision has been based indicaaciones on fear to the risk of bleeding, whereby in many cases this therapy has been suspended unnecessarily.


In recent years, the emergence of evidence indicates that the risk of bleeding is not high and that continuation of these drugs in many cases reduce major adverse outcomes. This has led to redefine this behavior.

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In this article we review the current evidence available on. To identify factors predictive of the outcome termoterappia a smoking cessation program by gender. A cross-sectional study of smokers starting treatment in a smoking cessation clinic from to was conducted.

The variables consisted of data on sociodemographic factorssmoking habits, the social context of smoking and psychiatric comorbidity prior to or during the smoking cessation process.

Indicaciones y contraindicaciones de la termoterapia transuretral por

All patients received multicomponent treatment consisting of psychological and pharmacological interventions. Success was defined as self-reported continuous abstinence confirmed by cooximetry CO factors predictive of success.

A total of persons The mean number of cigarettes smoked per day was termoteraia The success rate was Positive predictors were lower nicotine dependence and having a non-smoking partner in men and older age, smoking fewer cigarettes per day, having fewer smoking friends and not experiencing depression or anxiety during the treatment in trmoterapia.

Men re women have similar tobacco abstinence outcomes although gender factors play a role in. Ovarian vein thrombosis is an uncommon complication 0. The most frequent condition associated to ovarian vein thrombosis is pregnancy, but there are other possible causes. We present a termmoterapia of a 31 year old pregnant woman at 16th week of gestation who had spontaneuos septic abortion complicated with an ovarian vein thrombosis.

A discussion of risk factorsdiagnostic and treatment options of ovarian vein thrombosis are presented. Enzymatic Reduction of Anti -nutritional Factors in Fermenting The objective of this work, therefore, was to use microorganisms, specifically Lactobacillus plantarum and the enzymes it produces to reduce anti -nutritional factors and improve the nutritional composition of such food blends.

Nine strains of Lactobacillus plantarum isolated from spontaneously fermenting cereals, identified The aim of this study is to assess anti TB treatment compliance and the factors predictive for poor adherence in Sub-Saharan Africa in the last 10 years.

We searched Medline for articles written in English using the terms: Anti -tuberculosis treatment defaulting: To analyze the perceptions and interactions of the actors involved in anti -tuberculosis treatment, and to explore their influence contgaindicaciones treatment defaulting in Los Altos region of Chiapas, Mexico.

From November to Augustin-depth interviews were administered to patients with PTB, patients’ family members, institutional physicians, community health coordinators, and traditional medicine practitioners. We found different perceptions about PTB between patients indicacciones their families and among health personnel, as well as communication barriers between actors. Defaulting is considered to be mainly due to the treatment’s adverse effects.

It is necessary to conduct research and interventions in the studied area with the aim of changing perceptions, improving sensitization, quality and suitability of management of patients with PTB in a multicultural context, and promoting collaboration between institutional and traditional medicine. Los efectos adversos del tratamiento antituberculosis, son consideradas como una de las principales causas de su abandono.

Causas de desapego a tratamientodieta y seguimiento de pacientes con diabetes y factores asociados indicadiones la enfermedad. Full Text Available On the basis of numerical models developed by termoterapai authors for the predictive analysis of transformation hardening of extended steel surfaces, the difficulties existing for the treatment of extended surfaces by overlapping cycles of laser heating are analyzed from a computational point of view.


In this analysis, thermal and physical properties of the material are considered along with their temperature dependance. Some optimization guidelines for the irradiation comtraindicaciones including modifications of kndicaciones spatial distribution of the laser beam energy are determined in order to obtain both the adequate material transformed depth and the required hardness profiles.

Study of antiretroviral mutants in HIV patients with treatment failures and termogerapia effect of risk factors in the virological failures Estudio de mutantes resistentes a los antiretrovirales en pacientes con VIH con falla terapeutica y efecto de los factores de riesgo en el tratamiento. Sixty eight control patients were selected and relevant information contraindiicaciones collected in a questionnaire.

The most important factor related to treatment response in this study was adherence to treatment. Mutations in RT were related to the treatment failure while the ones found in PT were secondary mutations which have been previously described to influence the selection of primary resistance mutations in these regions.

04 Termoterapia, calor, artrosis

The study reveals the urgency to detect resistant mutations in VF to be considered by physicians for selection of treatment schedule, indicackones analyze basal HIV patients for monitoring of the spread indocaciones resistant mutations and the importance to reinforce the adherence in the patients for overall treatment outcome. Ochenta y nueve muestras, 72 FV y 17 basales, fueron.

Predictors of compliance with short-term treatment among patients with back pain Factores predictivos del cumplimiento del tratamiento a corto plazo en pacientes con lumbalgia.

The findings of our study indicate that patient compliance with back pain treatment is a serious and complex problem. Nevertheless, while this study was only an exploratory one, we believe that the results of this study can be used by care providers to identify patients likely to become noncompliant and also by researchers to plan specific studies on the effectiveness of treatment programs for patients with low back pain.

tratamiento anti factor: Topics by

Indifaciones -vascular endothelial growth factor for neovascular glaucoma. Neovascular glaucoma NVG is a potentially blinding secondary glaucoma.

It is caused by the formation of abnormal new blood vessels which prevent normal drainage of aqueous from the anterior segment of the eye.

Anti -vascular endothelial growth factor anti -VEGF agents are specific inhibitors of the primary mediators of neovascularization. We did not use any date or language restrictions in the electronic searches for trials. We last searched the electronic databases on 11 January Two authors independently assessed the search results for trials to be included in the review.

Discrepancies were resolved by discussion with a third author. Since no trial met our inclusion criteria, no assessment of risk of bias or meta-analysis was undertaken. No RCTs were found that met the inclusion criteria for this review. Full Text Available Fundamentos: Los resultados del tratamiento se clasificaron en: Para disminuir los resultados imdicaciones y la mortalidad es necesario.

De los participantes, un With the purpose of determining adherence rates to the treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus and the psychosocial factors associated, a correlational non-experimental study was conducted.

Participants were 61 adolescents between 12 and 18 years old Upper-class adolescents showed better treatment adherence than lower class ones.