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INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. IEC. First edition. Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) –. General requirements, tests and test conditions –. IEC ELECTRICITY METERING EQUIPMENT (A.C.) – GENERAL REQUIREMENTS, TESTS AND TEST CONDITIONS – PART METERING. Buy IEC Ed. Electricity metering equipment (AC) – General requirements, tests and test conditions Part Metering equipment from SAI Global.

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The value x is derived from the following formula: The object of the IEC is to promote international co-operation on all questions concerning standardization in 6252 electrical and electronic fields.

Information relating to this publication, including its validity, is available in the IEC Catalogue ied publications see below in addition to new editions, amendments and corrigenda. Slight damage which does not impair the protection against indirect contact or the penetration of solid objects, dust and water is acceptable. Example of test set-up, see Annex E, Figure E.

General concepts IEC This standard eic between — meters intended to be used indoors and outdoors; and — protective class I and protective class II meters.

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The result ief judged visually. Salt mist IEC The operation indicator, if fitted, shall be visible from the front. To make sure that we continue to meet your needs, your feedback is essential.

On-line information is also available on recently issued publications, withdrawn and replaced publications, as well as corrigenda. For examples of the test set-up, 6202 Annex E, Figures E. All parts of each terminal shall be such that the risk of corrosion resulting from contact with any other metal part is minimized.

For testing purposes, the register of the electricity meter shall have a resolution of at least 0,01 units. Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields IEC The holes in the insulating material which form an extension of the terminal holes shall be of sufficient size to also accommodate the insulation of the conductors.


During the test of a voltage circuit, the terminals of the other circuits and one of the terminals of the voltage circuit under test shall be connected to earth and the impulse voltage shall be applied between the other terminal of the voltage circuit and earth.

Metering equipment 1 Scope This part of IEC covers type tests for electricity metering equipment for indoor and outdoor application and applies to newly manufactured equipment designed to measure the electrical energy on 50 Hz or 60 Hz networks, with a voltage up to V.

Standard symbols may also be used see IEC If the meter terminals are marked, this marking shall appear on the diagram. For electromechanical registers, register markings shall be indelible and easily readable. Continuous and long duration electromagnetic phenomena are considered as influence quantities and the accuracy requirements are given in the relevant standard.

When the terminal arrangements differ, all the dielectric strength tests shall be carried out for each arrangement. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document including any amendments applies. Meters are designated by the manufacturer by one or more groups of letters or numbers, or a combination of letters and numbers. The appearance and, in particular, the legibility of markings shall not be altered. NOTE Considering the electromagnetic environment of electricity 6205 equipment, the following phenomena are relevant: Surge immunity test IEC The protective earth terminal, if any: Information on the subjects under consideration and work in progress undertaken by jec technical committee which has prepared this publication, as well as the list of publications issued, is also available from the following: Where there is a ice between the definitions in the glossary and those contained in product standards produced by TC 13, then the latter shall take precedence in applications of the relevant standard.

For current circuits, the voltage is considered to be the same as for the related voltage circuit. The meter shall show no damage or change of information and shall operate correctly.

These windows shall be of transparent material which cannot be removed undamaged without breaking the seal s. When the meter is operated from a current transformer sattention is drawn to the need iex match the current range of the meter in relation to that of the secondary of the current 620052 s.


The tests shall be carried out according to IECunder the following conditions: Testing and measurement techniques — Section 4: The pulse transition time rise time or fall time is the time of transition from one state to the other state, including transient effects. NOTE 2 Where the number of ampere-turns would lead to a number of ifc other than a whole number, the product of the number of turns of the windings by the value of the basic current may differ from that of the sample meter s representative 62025 the type.


Tests — Tests A: List of test equipment for IEC 3rd ed. Hammer tests IEC The type test defined in 3. The impulse voltage tests shall be carried out first and the a. The maximum current of the meter is 1,2 I n1,5 I n or 2 I n. The change of error measured when the meter is back at nominal working temperature shall not exceed the limits given in Table 8. To comply therewith they shall fulfil the following test.


When continuously rotating, the lowest values of the drums shall be graduated and numbered in ten divisions, each division being idc into ten parts, or any other arrangement ensuring the same reading accuracy. Collection of meter dependability data from the field This part is a standard for type testing electricity meters. Information under points ab and c may be marked on an external plate permanently attached to the meter cover. The type may have several values of reference ic and reference voltage.

After the test, the meter shall show no damage and shall operate correctly. Tests — Test Db and guidance: