This IDL Programming Tips and Tricks database is a. ANSWER: The Coyote Graphics System (CGS) is a collection of Coyote Library. QUESTION: How do I download and install the Coyote Library.

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You do not need to know any object graphics, or any iTools functionality to use and build programs with the library.

Coyote Graphics System (CGS) Commands

This program selects the default character size for Coyote Graphics programs. Multi and Position keyword.

This routine is used to create a legend in a graphics display. Normally, Coyote Graphics objects will use this object as a superclass object to deal with the “common” keywords associated with most graphics routines without having to continually define the same keywords in programs. An example of such a legend is shown in the figure below. If the input is a long integer, the function will evaluate the value depending upon the current color state.

The histogram bars can be filled with lines for black and white printing or with colors. Any 2D or true-color image can be added to the surface as a texture map. To see a list of all the colors available by name, type this: A feature extends a KML object.

Character size is based on several factors, including operating system, font type, and whether multiple plots are being displayed. You will need to install the Coyote Library to run these programs successfully.


For example, suppose Cotote wish coyotee use the Standard Gamma color table color table 5but I wish to exclude, the black color at the bottom, and the white color at the top. It is used to create IDL graphics windows in programs that are meant to work identically on the display and in other devices, such as the PostScript device, that do not support windows. Users can zoom and pan into the line plot display. They are just located in a different place.

You must have a Subversion client installed to use the repository, however. This completely eliminates any concern for poor quality fonts in raster file output.

Users can rotate and zoom into and out of the surface with the mouse, change colors and other surface properties at will, and save the surface to a number of output file types, including PostScript.

It is useful for labeling graphics displays and so forth.

IDL Library Installation

Moreover, a Traceback keyword will give me accurate traceback information if this is used in conjunction with a Catch error handler. Set the Window keyword to add this command to an cgWindow application.

You can search the output for “coyote,” for example, to find and eliminate multiple coyote directories on your path. If you are running IDL 5. This routine allows the user to control various internal properties of a cgWindow application, including the ability to load images with and without immediate execution and the ability to programmatically create PostScript and raster file output from the window.


For example, here is code I use in an object graphics program to make the graphics output appear on the printed page with the same aspect ratio as in the display window: The relative frequency is a number between 0 and 1. Be sure both the coyote and catalyst directories are on your IDL path. Any Coyote Graphics routine that sets a Window keyword will be displayed in an cgWindow application. Input can be a scalar or an array of Julian numbers.

Coyote’s Guide to IDL Programming

In other words, your end-users need only include directories relative to the main program directory. Charsize is set to its default value of 0. On-line documentation iidl this program is available. This program reads a PostScript file to find the Bounding Box and from the values it finds there returns a 2D dimensions array [xsize, ysize].

Coyote Graphics Plot Gallery

Resizeable with automatic file output. It is often used when a variable is changed for some reason, and you want to save the variable in a file with a different name. This tells IDL to search all of the sub-directories of these directories and add them coykte the path, too. It’s possible I can retreive an older version of the program that works for you.