The Natural Philosophy Of AhleSunant Wal Jamaat www. Page 2. The Natural Philosophy Of AhleSunant Wal Jamaat. Hujwiri’s Kashf al-Mahjub. Proof of His Impressionability from Different Leaders and Sources. Abstract. The present paper will acquaint the reader with the life of . CHAPTER XI of Kashf al-Mahjub. by the Gnostic Ali Hujwiri . `Amr ibn `Uthman al- Makki, who shows great zeal on his behalf (andar amr-i way ba-jidd bashad), .

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Consequently, they must have been miracles, and miracles are vouchsafed only to a true saint. Knowledge of God in Classical Sufism.

This is achieved partly by the discussion of acts and sayings of the great figures of the past, partly by discussion of features of doctrine and practice and the examination of the different views adopted by mahnub Sufi Schools.

In jurisprudence he followed Dawud [ al-Zahiri of Isfahan], and he was deeply versed in the sciences relating to the interpretation and reading of the Koran. One day he went to the chase, and having become separated from his suite was pursuing an antelope. Accordingly Mahhub told His Apostle and said: He was learned in every branch of science and was the Imam of his day in jurisprudence, majjub being well acquainted with theology. Accordingly, the annihilation of the lover in the everlastingness of love is more perfect than his subsistence through the everlastingness of love.

Harun gave orders to pay his debts and departed. This pairing therefore represents where Hojviri draws the line as far as unacceptable doctrines and practice are concerned, with the diverse views of the ten groups preceding them all being considered legitimate. TheUncovering of theTenth Veil: But in its obvious sense this saying pronounces poverty to be superior to wealth, and expresses a determination never to abandon it.

Being thirsty, he went to a door and asked for a drink of water. AH met us on the way, and we returned with him to Uthman, that we might know on what business he was going. Accordingly one sees himself to be imperfect, and one shuts his eye to self and does not see ; and although the seer sees his imperfection, nevertheless his eye is a veil, and he is veiled by his sight, but he who does not see is not veiled by his blindness.


Original sayings and exalted signs were vouchsafed to him. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Yahya is the author of many books, fine sayings, and original precepts. I conducted him to Sufyan b.

The date of his death is given as A. He has related trustworthy traditions, and in jurisprudence, as well as in the practice and theory of divinity, he followed the doctrine of Thawri, with whose pupils he had associated.

Sinn 1 to interpret 1 A well-known divine, who died in no A.

Al-tasawwuf huwa l-hurriyyat wa- l-futuwwat wa-tark al-taklif wa-l-sakhd wa-badhl al-dunyd, “Sufiism is liberty, so that a man is freed from the bonds of desire ; and generosity,” i.

This edition provides an English translation, with introduction and index. With respect to the younger grandson of Muhammad and son of AliHusayn ibn Ali d.

Encyclopædia Iranica

The Apostle distinguished him by many tokens of favour. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Abi Talib may God be pleased with them all! He is one of the paupers fa dlik of the Sufis, and one of their most eminent and celebrated men. He was like a king in Nishapur, save that the glory of kings is in this world, while his was in the next world. When he came to himself, he said, O Fudayl, give me a word of counsel.

Sufis of all sects regard him as blessed. Sep 02, Sagheer Afzal rated it really liked it.

The Uncovering of the Eleventh Veil: Companionship with God is sincerity in fulfilling His commands, and sincerity in devotion springs from purity of love, and pure love of God proceeds from hatred of passion and lust.


This is the most substantial and in-depth book on Sufism I have ever read. Abu I Hasan Nun says: On seeing this, all the Egyptians felt remorse and repented of the injustice which they had done to him. Now and then they had recourse to some means of livelihood tctalluq ba-sababi kardandibut all of them were in one and the same degree of dignity.

After they blocked the mouth of the pit and departed, I prayed to God and resigned myself to die, and hoped no more of mankind. When we had exchanged greetings, I said: Through the kindness of Mr.

Asrdr al-khiraq wa l-ma tindt, on the patched frocks of the Sufis p. All the time they were addressing derisive remarks to me from the roof. Hojviri provides in each of these chapters a mystical interpretation for each ritual and discusses that dimension at greater length e.

Two considerations have impelled me to put my name at the beginning of the book: I see the wolf in accord with the sheep. Most certainly, I read it with interest but I regret to say that unlike other readers, I did not swoon or have any nirvana-like moments. The royal falcon is sure to get its wings clipped when it perches on the magjub of an old woman s cottage.

Ali Hujwiri – Wikipedia

They are all titles, there is no mention of my name. It is related that he said: His own hands were fettered, but another hand appeared and tied it.

Hence the intellect can hardly comprehend those Divm? One of the oldest Sufi works in Persian, it is a substantial treatise aiming to set forth a complete system of Sufism.

It would be an act of dishonesty to omit his biography from this book.