In The High-Performance Entrepreneur, Subroto Bagchi, Co-Founder And Chief High-Performance Entrepreneurs Create Great Wealth, For Themselves As. Bagchi, who is the chief operating officer of Mindtree Consulting, has turned that journal into a book titled, The High-Performance Entrepreneur. High Performance Entrepreneurship by Subroto BagchiSubroto Bagchi is one of the co-founders of Mindtree Consulting, another star from Indian IT a.

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Dec 28, Chandradip Dass rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Illustrated with good examples that are relevant for the subcontinent.

The author thus acknowledges the fact that almost all the elements change in the business plan but the very process of writing one makes a ton of things clear at the start of the venture. The next prerequisite requires the entrepreneur to be cautious while choosing the right investor. It has all the potential and the making of a bestseller. In perforkance it has been mentioned in many a forums that writing a business plan is more of a MBAish thinking and is looked down upon many entrepreneurs.

A sure Book to read if you go by my advice. Entrepreneut author keeps on quoting his own venture, MindTree. The book is nicely arranged in to 18 chapters.

High-Performance Entrepreneur by Subroto Bagchi

The resources are chasing ideas. A gleeful glance at the business plan time and again, before and after the completion of the draft does no harm as it may lead to identification of more glitches in the model. Because why startups fail,when to do startup, IPO,etc. I would say that we lived that — it took us about a year to refine the concept of the company. We first took away all our resources from our nest eggs, all the ten co-founders put it on the table, and then we went to the venture capitalists.

Subroto Bagchi, nuggets of wisdom and clearly written business plan for budding entrepreneur. It would have been even better if more case studies from organizations other than MindTree could be quoted. It also has entreprener of similarities I’m a big fan of Mr.


The High Performance Entrepreneur : Summary | Book Reviews

A must read for anyone who want to start a new business. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Bagchi has written extensively in leading newspapers and magazines, and spoken at industry platforms and educational institutions the world over. Aug performancce, Anish Kumar rated it it was ok. Performancd indepth and comprehensive, and is good for reference book too.

Apr 18, Amith Guthi rated it higb it. The second was to document his entrepreneurial experience, not with hindsight — as many businesspeople do — but as it unfolded.

The more practical a mindset, the more likely it is to prove beneficial for the start-up. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. So in summary, I think it is very critical to look for shared vision, look for complementarity, and look for abiding trust.

Mar 08, Vikram Iyer rated it really liked it. A valuable read especially relevant for the Indian entrepreneur.

By the time I finished the peerformance, I had great respect for Mr. Any thoughts on how you select the best startup team once you have decided you want to be an entrepreneur?

High-Performance Entrepreneur

Captain Gopinath was actually at Wharton, and he told this story in his own words to the listeners of Knowledge Wharton podcasts. One is the fact that when you contrast India with the United States, for example, the concept of starting your business — the concept of becoming an entrepreneur — has become socially [speaking] only marginally acceptable now.

Overall, the book has a useful recipe on entrepreneurship. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Jul 02, Ashay rated it it was amazing. In the Indian context, especially, a lot rntrepreneur companies may not face this situation performaance going to a VC, because they either have family wealth, or they are owned or controlled by business families.


I’m a big fan of Mr. Refresh and try again. Taking a leaf out of his entrepreneurial challenges and experiences as the co-founder of Mindtree Consulting, suhroto author presents exemplified details on the modus operandi of his corporation and the crucial role played by other co-founders in managing adversity and transformation of the organization from its mere existence as an idea to a full fledged IPO.

What was your own experience like raising money from venture capitalists? Number two, and the next important and very critical thing, is complementarity. If you do not need money, do not start a company Profile of an Entrepreneur Self Confidence Value sense of freedom but they are very disciplined Work hard and extremely goal oriented Flexible, opportunistic and recognize the power of emergence Egolessness Love Money Sensing the Right Opportunity Entrepreneurs look at the subroot picture, they see where the world around them is going and within that framework they see connections between their innate nigh, emergent needs and the challenge of building an organization.

It gave the insight of a startup life. There is always something to learn from reading books of people who have built great companies. In “The Bgachi Entrepreneur”, Subroto Bagchi, co-founder and chief operating officer of MindTree Consulting, draws upon his own highly successful experience to offer guidance from the idea stage to the IPO level. Our wives thought it was a crazy idea.

His first book, The High Performance Entrepreneur was released in as a Penguin Portfolio publication to great critical acclaim. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.