Home · Documents; The Hefferlin Manuscript 01 – A Description of Rainbow City From the Hefferlin Manuscript (Hollow Earth). The Hefferlin Manuscript was published in October Amazing Stories. This is (or was) a science fiction magazine. Comments from the. By Gladys Hefferlin, from The Hefferlin Manuscript. Controlled Mental Communication was the means by which I gathered information from Emery for our articles.

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Our material has no connection with the Shaver Mystery. All of the natives of Africa, but not any Butch, or English, or Belgians, etc.

Presumably, the serpent race intended to take back Agharta for themselves one day. The great underground city beneath the surface at Rainbow City is built and strengthened by an odd metal, the same as used in the construction of the railroad tunnels and terminals. Palmer ignored our request and has deliberately distorted our statements for his own purpose.

All heat is radiated from floors, walls and ceilings. The three Leaders themselves grew up is the world, and learned what the world could teach. Here they built seven cities each of a different colour but Rainbow City, the greatest of them all, was made up of all of the colours of the rainbow. The landing field lights were on in Tibet, waiting for the ship to land.

Palmer tacked on the titillating line that Rainbow City. In her introduction to the ManuscriptGladys Hefferlin denied that their story had anything to do with the Shaver Mystery. One large leaf type takes the place of lettuce, but grows into a head mankscript more like cabbage, Another green manusript which even when ripe remains green, tastes similar to our present day tomatoes. According to the comparisons of modern maps with the ancient ones, the tunnels are in a vast network underlying just about all nation today, and reaching many regions that today are inaccessible to modern man, referred hefterlin only in mythology, such as the sunken continent of Atlantis and the lost LeMuria of the Pacific ocean.


After all, ignorance is not bliss, but it breeds fear and fear breeds disaster. It still remains there, untouched by our party.

Ancient books read themselves aloud when a button was pushed. Therefore, the orders were sent out to destroy it, and the orders were obeyed.

The Portals have been in almost steady use for most of the time our group has been in the Antarctic. The carpets, rugs, hangings, furniture, robes, bed covers are all of plastic. We now give you the sky, heavens and all of space as a real goal to reach for. The other No, 3 units are rotative blister mounted for aiming purposes and are of the tubular core-construction which, when activated, produce a tight-spinning, hard beam of electronic energy projection capable of great destruction and with a destroying range of thousands of miles.

But each reader must let his own reason and logic speak to him, and he is free to accept or reject it as he sees fit. Why such an elaborate transportation system, so well designed and built to last for ages, should be in evidence; unless we should come to this conclusion, that at one time in the earth’s pre historic past a very great and expanded civilization must have been spread all over the then earth’s surface, possibly by colonization from the Motherland at the Antarctic continentor possibly by a great mass transplanting of the human species from the planet now known to us as Mars.

Also, the sun’s appearance seems to be of an electronic nature in place of a gaseous consumption. In February, when we were in Elwood, Indiana we learned that our friend, Emery, was in New York in radio circles. August – Southern Adventist Employee Picnic There are no exchange premiums to pay between the states for changing coin from the currency of the state to the currency of another state.

Copyright transfer for a manuscript submitted for This seems to have been a radioactive substance similar to radium.

The mathematics system is based upon the count of seven. We know the goal, and are working toward it. Those of our group who were farmers or horticulturists in their youth and preferred this service, handle the working and harvesting of crops, using plows and other implements found there, powered by atomic or radio-active substance contained in a small metal box on the machine.


These are driven by electric motors if and when used. For some reason not known now, there had always been between the humans and the snake peoplecompetitive strife for the dominating position of control and power. To give one an idea of the size of the tunnel train terminals which handled local traffic out into the system, and from which many single branch lines stem from or pass through, the average length and width is about four miles.

“Rainbow City” the Ancient Martian City in Antarctica.

But now horizons, horizons unlimited, and the expansion of knowledge is a deep and sincere driving force that keeps one going. A City using plastics for paving, building and clothing. Six of these great cities are encased in eternal ice, and the seventh only is in open ground and protected and warmed by hot springs. Part of them are used for propulsion and the other ones contain the shattering or disintegrating type of No.

There are no extra-territorial rights imposed by one state upon another state, as has been done by the European nations and America to the nations of Asia and Africa and they would try to do to South America and other Latin American states.

Hefferlin Manuscript, page 1

Rainbow City had been found. And even in the Holy Bible may be found strange references: How big it is we do not know, though it seems to quite large in area.

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