Batman’ın Hasankeyf ilçesindeki Ilısu Barajı’nın tamamlanmasıyla, baraj gölü altında kalacak tarihi eserleri, ziyaretçiler, tüplü dalışla. and the cultural heritage. Keywords: Cultural Heritage, Archaeometry, Hasankeyf (Turkey). Hasankeyf: Tarihi Yansıtan Kültürel Bir Miras. (Arkeometrik Yaklaşım). Hasankeyf tarihi pdf files. This file contains additional information such as exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software.

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I just LOVE your pictures of hasankeyf.

There are tarii inscriptions on the bridge. Two early Armenian historians list additional names for the town: I am totally in love with Hasankeyf, there is so much Turkish history there from the Artuks and Eyyubids, it woud really be a shame for it to go underwater. As-Salih’s widow, Shajar al-Durrdispatched a special embassy to bring her son to Egypt. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hasankeyf.

Hasankeyf’in son günleri: Ilısu barajı ne vadediyor? – BBC News Türkçe

Induring the reign of king shah Ismail I r. Hasankeyf June Situated at the entrance hasajkeyf the city of Hasankeyf, this bridge spans the Tigris River.

Kiphas appears most likely to have been captured during the Muslim conquest of Armenia inshortly after the conquest of Nisibis. Historical sources relate that this arch was in the form of a wooden swing bridge. Now the border with Persia ran along the Tigris tqrihi the legionnaires at Kiphas were stationed right on it. Rescue excavations from to uncovered evidence of the base of a Roman gateway to the upper city, a row of shops from the late Roman period, and Roman floor and wall mosaics.

The local climate is moderated by the proximity of the Tigris river.

I agree that some photos of Batman would be nice to post if you have them. I will sort the pictures with earlier ones, and may add captions once I have the time. Writing between about andthe Byzantine geographer George of Cyprus mentions Cepha as a fortress in the Mesopotamia section of his Descriptio Hasabkeyf Romani.


Inthe Il-Khanate and the Mamluks signed a treaty hasqnkeyf trade restarted. Another abutment is on the river bank and another one is on land.

As such, the bridge became a structure for the defense of the city. The section of the bridge, oriented towards Hasankeyf to the south, sits on rocks. Hasankeyf Zeynel Bey Turbe b.

The fortified part of town on top was closed for restoration so no new shots from up there. For that reason I decided to pay the town another visit in June Bridges, oil wells, springs. By the way I really appreciate that you always have ‘street scenes’ in your galleries, not just the usual tourist shots of important architecture, etc.

Triangular flood buttresses can be seen on the upriver side. According to the information provided by lbn Shaddad, a 13th century writer, there was a wooden section of the arch, in the middle of the bridge. The age of the old bridge is unknown, it has been restored in by the Ortokid Fahr ed-Din Kara Arslan. An architectural and archaeological survey, Londra, Hasankeyf Kale gate In the early and middle 15th century, Aq Qoyunlu Turkmen forces attacked Hisn Kayfa several times, but Ayyubid rulers managed to retain control of the city and the city prospered until very end of the 15th century.

Hasankeyf Zeynel Bey Turbe Only the bridge abutments in the river and one of the arches exist today. It was declared a natural conservation area by Turkey in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

File:Hasankeyf Tarihi Köprüsünün Kalintilarinin Kaleden – Wikimedia Commons

Hasankeyf Village from across river This period was something of a golden age for Hisn Kayfa, with the Artuqids and their successors, the Ayyubidsbuilding the Small Palace and the Great Palace as well as the Tigris bridge.


Many of the caves hasaankeyf multi-storied and have their own water supply. Stephen Humphreys speculates that Kaykhusrau was offered control of Amida and Hisn Kayfa in return for joining the alliance. Later Artokids and Ajjadubids ruled, until the Mongols plundered it so thoroughly hasqnkeyf that it never regained its glory.

Early in the conflict they occupied Kiphas along with MardinDara and probably the rest of the Tur Abdin, and these were held for most of the rest of the war. Ibrahim Eryuzlu Apr During the 14th century, the emirs of Hisn Kayfa also controlled the interior of the Tur Abdin and the castle of Haytham in the Tur Abdin.

By the sixth century, the Persians were mounting frequent attacks on the eastern border of the Byzantine tariihi.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. Hartelijke dank voor deze mooie fotos online, groetjes uit Middelburg assurnasirpal1 hotmail.

Recording the situation at the end of the fourth century, the Notitia Dignitatum identifies Cepha as the seat of the commander of the Legio II Parthica.

Hasankeyf’in son günleri: Ilısu barajı ne vadediyor?

From Canada 37 years born in Mardin and an Architect,my father always told us about Hasanheyf but I have never seen it. The infrastructure, location and significance of the city helped increase trade and made Hisn Kayfa a staging post on the Silk Road.

Dosseman Thank you for your drawing attention to such a historical and antique place.