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H8/ datasheet, H8/ circuit, H8/ data sheet: RENESAS – Renesas Bit Single-Chip Microcomputer H8 Family / H8/H Tiny Series. H8/F Renesas bit Single-chip Microcomputer H8 Family / H8/h Tiny Series The revision list can be viewed directly by clicking the title page. HD64FFPV IC H8/ MCU FLASH 64LQFP Renesas Technology America datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet).

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Now i have got a difference in the configurator: This was not neccesarry, if a controller has been choosen, on which the “E8a” appears in the configurator. It seems that this is only neccesarry, if only the “E8aDirect” can be configured.

So, i tried to set these pins according the Controller Manual, but I had no success connecting to the device. I tried to configure the Pin settings as near as possible to this Table:. Test is pull down on the Board, NMI Pin 7 should be pull down to zero, I tried to set Output B Pin7 in the upper row, and left it unmarked in the lower row, to set this pin active low from the debugger. If anybody is here, who can help me to find the right configuration, i would be verry gratefull.


So programming can only be done in Boot Mode. In reply to FrankL:.

Urgent help with H8/ Flash programming routines | Motherboard Forums

Default, on the layout, this pin is pulled to Vcc via 10kOhm. Test is connected to GND direct in the Hardware. Could it be, that the Flash Development Kit needs an other driver for this uC?

Or is it something completly different? Adaptor checksum OK Processing Data file: 6372 does not appear to be Powered: PVcc does not appear to be Powered: In reply to Matthias:. That’s why old H8 boards often have 2 connectors, one for the debugger and one for the emulator.

Configure Flash Development Toolkit Pin Options – Misc. Tools – Forum – Misc. Tools – RenesasRulz

Now, your statement sounds logic for me. User Join or Sign In. State Suggested Answer Date Matthias.

My Programmer Connector on the Board has the following Pinning: I think I did something wrong, because: In reply to FrankL: Hi Frank Thank you for your response. I have checked the Pin Settings one more time: Probably i have got an other problem.


This is the message log from the FDK: Boot failed Thank you for every help. In reply to Matthias: Thank you again, Frank.