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Books by Arno Ilgner.

A lot of this book so far is just “things are as they are, not as you would prefer them to be” and by extension “caring about anything that isn’t ‘what is’ is merely a waste of effort in a sport where effort is a scarcely limited resource” One thing that I think I’m going to start doing in my own climbing is stop referring to holds as “bad” or say that “they suck”.

Overall though I got a lot of enjoyment out of this book, and the buddhist vibes I got from it was a lot less ridiculous than I initially expected them to be – climbing is ultimately something you do for fun, but it’s so easy to allow yourself to not feel the fun as it is actually happening.

For example, take a passage I highlighted in “Life is Subtle,” which reads, “It is ironic that we are least likely to demosntrate poise in the situations that demand it the most. It is inevitable that one will feel pain, discomfort and exhaustion in the middle of a climb, but the last thing that is letting the body give up is the mind.

The content is well-suited to a simple introduce-detail-summarize structure, but among the five or seven? As someone who was approaching my climbs from a perspective of accomplishment, this book has been a real eye opener. Some of the advice you can toss, but some of it has been extremely helpful, especially now that I’m trying to get back into leading after injuring myself, which is much more psychological than it is physical.


And relevant in every aspect of life, not just in rock climbing. Feb 02, Alissa Thorne rated it really liked it Shelves: Dec 09, Daniel Lopez rated it it was amazing.

Jul 11, Kameron rated it it was amazing. Without giving, learning or growth is not possible. It is embarrassing how well Ilgner called out each and every one of my mental habits for returning to my comfort zone; some I had no idea existed until he poignantly threw it in my face. This is what you climb for. No trivia or quizzes yet. Mental Training for Climbers by Arno Ilgner. Sit back for a minute and let your mind wander.

It will likely cause any reader to pause and reflect at least several times while reading this book. Most examples are climbing related, of course, but this is indeed a very goo This has to be the most pragmatic and objective guide to self-improvement I’ve ever read. Open Preview See a Problem?

Espresso Lessons – E-bok – Arno Ilgner () | Bokus

Mar 17, Jason rated it liked it. They are not you.

entrennamiento And the practices suggested have yielded results. The fear of the fall, the self talk over the crux or the frustration around set backs all come into play on the wall and in day to day challenges. I’ll come back and revisit that in a year or so – but for now I’m already benefiting in my mental attitude.

Trust your preparation, your training, your intuition–stop thinking about it. I recommend it to any climber or athlete struggling to break out of a plateau. The concepts expressed in Rock Warrior’s Way are seemingly applicable to every aspect of life. This book will teach you how to always make the second option. Of course it will be more useful and make more sense to the former, but the ideas themselves can buerreros important to all.


This outlines a very useful mindset to use while climbing and in life. That said I liked the bit about “Soft eyes focus” which suggests maintaining a more relaxed, nongrimacing, composed face as a cue to your body to be composed and relaxed.

Guerreros de la roca : entrenamiento mental para escaladores : Arno Ilgner :

Now that you are finished climbing, it is as if you never really climbed. Once we consciously appreciate the Witness position, our mind becomes a field of inquiry. So – the book succeeds in its primary aim. They simply pass through your head like a movie, apparently out of your control.

Thoughts have a large influence on climbing outcomes.

While most of the concepts by themselves are hardly ground-breaking revolutions, the down-to-earth presentation applied to a specif I picked up this book expecting climbing technique, and was surprised to find that it is much more closely tied to mindfulness and can be applied to any situation involving risk and action–that is to say, life.

In which ones mind has to completely control ones body. Those criticisms aside, this is a great book, and applies the simple “Do the work” principles of Steven Pressfield to a specific sport. It delves into the depths of the ideal mindset—not just for the activity of climbing but—for the individual who climbs.

If the conscious mind begins to engage in thinking, direct your attention to your breath, which helps put the conscious mind in neutral.

Libro Guerreros de la Roca (Entrenamiento mental para Escaladores)

And why is said Russian author absent from the bibliography? Well, its pretty spiritual – a good guide for many aspects of life – not just relevant to climbing.

And along the way? The exer- cise becomes rote and motivation drops.