Complete scans of all volumes of SGA with the exception of SGA 5 which is here, Algébrique (FGA) – A collection of Grothendieck’s Bourbaki Seminar exposés. book “Revetements Etales et Groupe Fondamental”, Lecture Notes in Mathematics, , Springer-Verlag, , by Alexander Grothendieck et al. In French. Préfaisceaux, par A. Grothendieck et J.-L. Verdier: (original, réédition); Topologies et faisceaux, par J.-L. Verdier: (original, réédition); Fonctorialité des.

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But other than that, I’ve read sections here and there. But this isn’t a cause of them being able to do the kind of work they do; it is an effect.

My advisor is a specialist in Grothendieck algebraic geometry and Noncommutative algebraic geometry. Here is a list of what you must cover: Thus it seems worthwhile to mention that, while non-Noetherian schemes arise naturally in certain contexts as Kevin Buzzard noted in a comment on David Levahi’s answerI think these contexts are pretty uncommon unless one is doing a certain style of arithmetic geometry.

For reading EGA the most precious and rich sources not only in the context of algebraic geometry but throughout all of mathematics first you need to learn a little French language. When you are starting to learn algebraic geometry you have to cover a lot of material. I’d say a third of my students have a good facility with EGA and possibly parts of SGA, and the rest wouldn’t have looked at them; it depends on what they think about.


These volumes and a list is given below were among his many works attempting to build the foundations for algebraic geometry in the language of schemes. Note that there is a chapter 0 that continues at the beginning of each chapter, establishing preliminaries from topologycategory theorycommutative algebrahomological algebraetc.

Towards a free electronic TeX version of SGA

Mathematics Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. In response to a similar question asked on Terry Tao’s grothendoeck, I posted the grothendiek advice:.

Opening a volume and reading a sub-paragraph from the middle can be difficult because of all the back-references, but reading linearly can be very pleasant and rewarding. There is a common feeling that there is an overwhelming amount one has to know just to understand the literature.

He strongly suggested to finish all the exercises in Hartshorne but not read Hartshorne. At the time I write this, there are a number of wise words already written here, so I’ll add just incremental thoughts.

Mathematics > Algebraic Geometry

Dear Anonymous, No need to be ashamed I’ve been there too as have many others. Nothing in this answer is what you’re asking for, or even all that close to it.

Post as grothendidck guest Name. I’m not sure what text one would begin with to learn these methods. Consider early 20 century point set topology: I read parts of 4. EGA can be a hard read, but it is also more complete than Hartshorne. One thing that always drove me crazy about EGA was the excessive back referencing.


Email Required, but never shown. The published part of EGA is in Publ. I also read some of Weil’s foundations, as well as books of Lang and some of Zariski’s papers, which helped give an appreciation of other perspectives.

The French language may be a barrier for some, but one doesn’t have to “learn French” to learn enough to understand EGA. It’s true that I haven’t in any real sense “read” EGA.

That is so true. I should say something about the French. When I need to know where something is, I just ask someone.

aic geometry – The importance of EGA and SGA for “students of today” – MathOverflow

I had a great time in a “seminar of pain” with a number of other people who were also already reasonably happy with Hartshorne and more. As to how much time to spend on EGA and SGA, this is something that you ultimately have to decide for yourself, grothendieci with the guidance of your thesis adviser. All this come grorhendieck and during reading material in your speciality, anything modern, or anything which is just plain fun.