Golden Boy was Clifford Odets’s most successful theatrical production. First published in in the United States, the play was a dramatic departure from. How Clifford Odets’ Golden Boy Survived 75 Years in the Theatrical Ring. Backstory. by Josh Ferri • Nov 24, Clockwise from left: Clifford Odets; Luther. Golden Boy has ratings and 17 reviews. Maria said: Yikes. I feel really guilty marking this book as 2 stars given some of the other things I have rat.

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Like Joe, Lorna is stuck in her dependency on Moody and the boxing business that supports them. Now I see the world is drifting into such times.

He believes that Joe is meant to be a great violinist, and encourages his son to follow this path. In fact, many critics had high hopes for Odets’s career as a social playwright. He has become disillusioned hoy his fame and his managers, and has become more vicious in the ring. Moody is a man in his forties who used to manage all of the great professional boxers.

Golden Boy – Clifford Odets – Google Books

He longs for fast cars, masculine respect and the love of a sweet woman. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Golden Boy play. Joe tends to pull his punches and beat his opponents through the application of science rather than brute force. May 17, Rema Ashraf rated it liked it. They also indicate the kind of close thematic connections between music and literature the writer would make in his plays and films.

Golden Boy by Clifford Odets

Although these strikes— ultimately ruled unconstitutional—often led to violence between the strikers, industry management, hired thugs, police, and even the National Guardthey were extremely effective at getting management to settle contracts.


When he announces to his family that he is going to fight, he says it is for money: He has made life a richer thing for many sic of us.

Drake is one of two sports writers whom Moody has Joe talk to the night before his fight with the Chocolate Drop.

This fact, coupled with Hoover’s unyielding stance in not providing federal public aid to individuals, meant that an increasing number of individuals and families were losing their jobs. While people tried to escape their problems through movies and sporting events, however, the golxen economy continued to plummet. Another member of the play’s cast introduced Odets to the Theatre Guild, which in turn led him to the Group Theatre, which cilfford joined in In this play clicford theater life, Frank Elgin’s transgressions are forgiven in the name of art and artistry.

Clifford Odets, leading dramatist of the theatre of social protest in the United States during the s. Moody, believing Joe to be distracted by his fame, convinces his girlfriend Lorna to talk to Joe.

Indeed, the America that Odets lived in and responded to was far different from the cliftord and idealized world about which he wrote with such intensity and even affection and that he later abandoned with such regret.

Because of this, golsen have associated the main theme of Golden Boy —the struggle to choose between art and materialism—with Odets’s own struggles as an artist.

Bonaparte, who refuses to give Joe his blessing to fight. At other times he wrote of seizing “fate by the throat” to reach his goals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Joe soon finds out that his win against the Chocolate Drop has killed the boxer. This threat of violence pushes him into his last fight, with the Chocolate Drop and Joe wins it.

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StormofCuteness rated it liked it Sep 29, Georgie learns that Frank has lied about her his lies are partially based on a play in which he once appeared and observes that he has begun to drink again.

With Lillian Hellman, Odets remains one of the foremost U. What has not been discussed very fully, however, is the total significance of these diverse elements, the meaning that their configuration within one framework might have.

After the collapse clifofrd the Group Theatre, Odets produced only four more plays. It so happens that Odets thought of embodying this fight for achievement odest terms of the fight business. The third act is even quicker as the play builds to its climax.

He lives his life by values learned in his native Italy, which stress integrity and following one’s nature. In the following essay, Poquette discusses Odets’s use of violence and speed to set the stage for Joe’s fateful end in Golden Boy. In fact, in “How a Playwright Triumphs,” a Harper’s Magazine article by Odets that was adapted from a interview, the playwright notes that this was particularly the case for Golden Boya fact that disturbed Odets. To this end, he instructs his girlfriend, Lorna Moon, to seduce Joe away from his old life and into the boxing life.

Golden Boy

However, he pulls himself together to go claim his son’s dead body and bring it home. Odets’s play is built to reflect cliffofd inspire this violent and speedy end to Joe’s life. When she does not move quick enough, the stage directions note the following: She accuses him of turning into a killer like Fuseli.