GFI Archiver’s MailInsights is an email archive reporting tool that can help you. Award winning Email archiving software for mail servers that reduces reliance. Learn about what’s new in GFI Archiver, the server archiving software for.

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They can also choose to use rule-based archiving to selectively archive emails based on certain criteria. New and Old entries format is not correct Error. Get the most from your archive. Specific benefits of using Tfi Archiver as your archiving platform include, access to archived emails on the go from any mailarchver a compliance-ready and tamper proof email store with audit mailrchiver more control over company information by storing data locally; fast and efficient email search across millions of emails; file archiving and business intelligence reports.

Business intelligence reports Identify business issues, minimize legal risk and manage productivity by reporting on the valuable business data found in your archive. Some people need to communicate messages to a wide audience on a regular basis, but others include many colleagues in CC even when they are not directly involved. Organizations that use or plan to use virtualization on their network can install and use a range of GFI products with confidence.

GFI Archiver supports email servers that support “journaling. Spot suspicious trends as they happen.


Larger organizations with a high volume of emails can opt to store their email archive in SQL. Download a sample report.

Email archiving software Pricing | GFI Archiver

Store and keep track of important meeting information and calendar entries in the archive. You can learn a lot about what your employees are thinking from email. Microsoft SQL Server or later. Manage your company’s complete mailzrchiver communications history. History retention provides easy control over the storage of different versions of archived files. Email and file history. Users can instantly and easily access archived emails directly from Mailagchiver or the GFI Archiver web interface.

The benefits of archiving are available to companies running Exchange and other servers too. This includes emails, attachments, files, calendar entries, faxes, and SMS text and voice messages sent via email. When selected, GFI Archiver automatically connects to a configured mail server, downloads the items stored in the journaling mailbox and stores them in Archive Stores A collection of email sources, email metadata and search indexes within GFI Archiver.

Losing or deleting an important email, file or attachment can be a nightmare, especially when you are away from the office. Inappropriate emails can land your company in hot water with harassment lawsuits.

Email Archiving Software Features | GFI Archiver

Retrieve items to archive GFI Archiver retrieves emails, calendar items or files depending on the configured Archiving Method as described in the table below: Archive emails and files in their original state — in a central, tamper-proof store — to help with compliance, e-discovery and internal investigations.


Others may be losing opportunities or damaging your hard-earned reputation by not responding to emails in a timely manner. We receive enough unwanted mail. Users can build complex search rules based on date, sender, recipient and keywords.

GFI Archiver also supports other email servers such as Kerio Connect, or servers that support a journaling feature. Administrators also have the option to delete archived emails, if required.

For more information refer to File Archive Assistant.

Compliance and e-discovery Boost your ability to meet compliance standards and be prepared for e-discovery requests by archiving all company communications in a secure, tamper-proof store. Your users’ email history and old file versions are always available for quick retrieval via the GFI Archiver interface.

GFI Archiver enables companies to manage their business communications efficiently, helping them save on storage costs and improve productivity while assisting with compliance. Upgrading from previous GFI Archiver versions is supported and handled automatically. Firebird database — for evaluating organizations with less than 25 email mailarcchiver.

Our focus for this release was on stability improvements and product quality to ensure customer satisfaction.