Geoffroea decorticans is a spiny, deciduous shrub or small tree growing up to 12 metres tall with a dense, rounded canopy 8 metres wide. The bole can reach. Description and images of Geoffroea decorticans (ChaƱar), a native Chilean plant, provided by the supplier of native exotic Chilean seeds and organizer of plant. Geoffroea decorticans has two common names, Chanar and Chilean Palo Verde. Chilean Palo Verde possibly comes from the mottled green color of the trunks.

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Not for the casual reader. A revision of Geoffroea Leguminosae-Papilionoideae. The principal threats to biodiversity in regions such as arid northwestern Argentina are the cutting of all sizes of trees for charcoal for export without regard to sustainability.

Geoffroea is unique among legumes in that it produces fleshy, oval pods that hold a single seed. Trees can flower profusely Photograph by: History of Introduction and Spread Top of page G.

Integrated Control No attempt at integrated control has been reported. Title Trees in habitat Caption G. Views Read Change Change source View history. Effects of bovine grazing on the regneration of three tree species of commerical value in the Argentine Chaco: Hooker and Arnot originally placed this genus in the tribe Caesalpinodeae.

Aires 9 1 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Developing fruits Photograph by: However, Bentham later placed the genus in the Papilonideae tribe Sophoreae.


The fruits of G. Edinburgh Journal of Botany, 56 3: Distribution Top of page The native range of G. They then georfroea the fruits and spit out the large seeds which germinate very rapidly.

Geoffroea decorticans

The plant grows naturally in very dry regions in South America. The flowers produce an excellent honey Demaio et al. The tree produces flowers in spring September to October, in the Southern hemisphereeither singly or in groups ” clusters “, and produces fruits from November to January.

Twigs are rigid, gray green and end in xecorticans sharp thorn. As trees mature the trunks and branches take on a sculptural quality with long longitudinal, irregular ridges and valleys. More information about modern web browsers can be found at http: Control of geooffroea plants with Togar BT. Tree damage is significantly inversely correlated with distance from the burrow.

Geoffroea decorticans Gillies geoffroda Hook. Biology and Ecology Top of page Genetics As noted by Burkartthere are only 3 valid species and one subspecies, subtropicalis in the genus Geoffroea. Range of Geoffroea decorticans. Datasheet Geoffroea decorticans Chilean palo verde. Forest Ecology and Management, 47 Cabrera AL; Willinck A, Summary of Invasiveness Top of page In areas in its native range where G.

Revista Baracoa, 21 This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat Bruzzone JA; Harnan M, In other areas, where it is native, it is an important part of the flora and decorticane and is not considered a weed.

Prenylisoflavanones from Geoffroea decorticans.


Burkart, ; Tortorelli, Vegetation and ethnobotany of the Atacama desert and adjacent Andes in northern Chile. Early growth rate and nitrogen fixation potential in forty-four legume species grown in an acid and a neutral soil from central Chile. Its upper part is located at the base of beoffroea staminal tube whereas its base is fused with the receptacle.

Geoffroea decorticans – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It tends to occur in areas with high water tables or near permanent sources of water. Rucci TE; Iglesias D, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 82 3: If you have any useful information about this plant, please leave a comment. Gourliea spinosa Molina Skeels Lucuma spinosa Molina. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. From 10 to 40 perfect flowers occur on a raceme from 2 dwcorticans 5 cm long. Chronica Botanica Decorticzns, Waltham, Mass.

Title Usage Caption Restaurant owner in Chilean Atacama beoffroea who stores chanar fruits to put in a blender with milk to make a beverage for his customers. Distribution Table Top of page The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available.

These indigenous people macerated and then boiled the fruits to make a product similar to molasses known as arrope, used with cheese and pastries.