Product Description. Gendun Choephel is a legendary figure in Tibet. Believed to be the reincarnation of a famous Buddhist lama, this promising young monk. Visionary, artist, poet, iconoclast, philosopher, adventurer, master of the arts of love, tantric yogin, Buddhist saint. These are some of the terms that describe. A new translation of The Passion Book brings to light author Gendun Chopel’s belief that even sexual pleasure could be a path to enlightenment.

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Get to Know Us. He was a major figure in the field of Hindi literature. Press Quotes –“A gritty, insightful choepuel about the tragic life of a radical Tibetan artist and intellectual How could an Empire be prosperous unless its common people are exploited?

Review A beautifully observed blend of biography, road movie, history and travelogue. Heat that time, was in his twenties; and, his writing career started here. Even in case he was wise to the term, I gdndun, he could not have cared less.

He quotedin his support, the great Mimamsaka Kumarila Bhatta c. The principles were there; butthe method of reaching those principles was what the Buddha discovered. They had a daughter Jaya and a son Jeta. These essays were critical of modern HinduismChristianityand British genxun.

The great compiler and interpreter of his limitless data, which from their unbounded range in quantity make their handling extremely difficult, deserves unqualified gratitude of the reading public. His prose was magnificent. He learnt Pali and Sinhalese languages; and studied the Buddhist texts — the Tipitakas — in the original.

Prime Video Verified Purchase. Disillusioned with a culture that worshiped tradition and feared innovation, Choephel left the stifling regimen of monastic life in in the company of Rahul Sankrityayan, an Indian scholar of Buddhism and communist activist for Indian independence. Sankrityayana wasof course, mystified and bitterly upset about the decision handed down.


It was while he was serving his term in the prison, Kedarnath got acquainted with the Buddha and his teachings. Gendun Choephel was a true Mahatma and visionary ahead of its time. Sankrityayana accompanied by Ananda Kausalayana, a Buddhist monk and scholar, left for Europe and England during the year And when some intelligent people claimed the opposite, they were exposed to various difficulties, such as being burnt alive.

Sankrityayana did not have formal education and degrees; yet, in consideration of his learning and scholarship, he was appointed professor of Indology at the University of Leningrad. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

He survived by doing odd jobs; and serving the groups of wandering mendicants, sadhus. But his passion was Hindi.

Gendun Choephel | sreenivasarao’s blogs

Today, even in Buddhist countries everybody knows that the world is round. Unfortunately, Tibet will never be free again as the US and Britain failed to assist the spiritual center of the world during their turmoil invasion. He entered Tibet through Kashmir. However in Tibet, we still stubbornly state that the world is flat. Who knew that Tibetans keep pictures of Chairman Mao on their walls to ward off demons?

I am not sure if the Mahapandita ever regarded himself a cool-guy.

All the while he was writing in his diary, painting, sketching, completing the first ever Tibetan translation of the Kama Sutra, publishing a pilgrim’s guide to ggendun sacred Buddhist sites of India, contributing reports on the outside world to an emigre newspaper, and beginning work on a non-religious history of Tibet.

After leaving the monastery inand fueled by his intellectual curiosity and free-spirited nature, Choephel traveled throughout Tibet and India in order to understand the true history of his country.

Most of the books and manuscripts he brought back from Tibet had been lost in India; but preserved in Tibet. Gendun Choephel returned to Tibet in He published about ten books in Bengali while he was there.


Gendün Chöpel

But he was not allowed to visit the region and collect field data. Privacy policy About Rigpa Wiki Disclaimers. Rajendra Prasad who later became the first president of the Indian Republic in social constructive activities.

He seems to have been quite a cool guy: He settled down in Patna for a while, researching into the Sanskrit and Tibetan manuscripts he brought back from Tibet. Memory chpephel, diabetes, high blood pressure and a mild stroke struck him down. Despite such bonhomie, the communist party found it hard to tolerate his radical views and behavior.

Apart from travelogues he wrote extensively on a verity of subjects such as sociology, history, philosophy, Buddhism, Tibetology, lexicography, grammar, textual editing, folklore, science, drama, and politics, He also produced two huge dictionaries, one Tibetan — Sanskrit; and the other Russian-Sanskrit.

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Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. See all 7 reviews. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He gave up formal studies inand accompanied Rahul Sankrityayan on a search for rare manuscripts in the monastic libraries of southern Tibet, including that of the great temple of Sakya.

Anthology of Tibetan Poets – G.C. (Gendun Choephel)

Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. As regards his physical appearance, it is said Rahula was a very handsome person, standing over six feet tallwith wide forehead, broad shoulders and chest. By about this timehe gave up his monastic cjoephel. Accept only what you learn with your own mind and agree with that. While in England, the celebrated Indologist Theodor Stcherbatsky was greatly impressed by the scholarship of Sankrityayana ; andinvited him to Russia. All his later writings revolved around this collection, in one way or the other.