Fill Fragebogen Zur Steuerlichen Erfassung English Version, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with. @tiahardyrobinson/how-to-do-the-fragebogen-zur- steuerlichen-erfassung-in-englishedition-for-freelancers-. Form: Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung (Registration with guide was based on the May version of the official “Fragebogen zur.

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I would ask an expert to be sure, but my gut feeling says “no”. Single entry bookkeeping is easier for freelancers. You can see our privacy policy for more details, or directly opt out. The postal steueroichen, city and region for the address of the third branch location. Remember that you must fill this form in German. Germany, How to Register This is a practical guide to VAT registration procedures in Germany to guide you through each step of the process.

If necessary, find a translator to help you. If your business uses a different fiscal calendar, check “Ja” and write the first day of your business year.

If it’s a different name, write it in the field on the right. My doubt is that, according to this site: For example, “” and “Wolfsburg, Niedersachsen”. Foreign businesses with a fixed establishment in Germany see 4. This only applies if you are offering building cleaning services. I don’t mention this to take away from the hard work here, but just because sometimes two sources can clear up any issues you have.


Germany, How to Register | Croner-i Tax and Accounting

See this guide for more information. Expected amount of special expenses. Check “Nein” if your business year starts on January 1 and ends on December If you want to struerlichen the time and amount of your tax payments, do not check this box 1.

The company name of your tax advisor, if applicable. Do not confuse it with the Steuernummer. For example, income from renting an apartment. Resident businesses can register for VAT when they establish their business or later by contacting the tax authority by post or electronically see above.


Germany, How to Register

After sending in OP’s form, starting from your business launch date which you state in that form, the first two years you’re obliged to tell the Finanzamt your expenses and earnings monthly. If you moved from abroad, also include the country of the post office box.

If you work from syeuerlichen, use your home. For example, “Zahnarzt” dentist. This section only applies if you have employees. If you will not have other branch locations in other municipalities, leave fragbeogen line blank. The street name for the address of the company you are buying, inheriting, transferring or merging into your company.

If you want to declare more than two branches in subsection 2. Here is a list of activities that can have tax exemptions 1. You submit this form to the tax office Finanzamtand a few weeks later, you get a VAT number and a tax number Steuernummer. If you do not have employees, leave this line blank. This can make things really complicated for a small business or freelancer. I am not a tax advisor, but: In Germany, there is a legal difference between being a freelancer Freiberufler and being a tradesman Gewerbetreibende.


Fill in the Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung – Business – Toytown Germany

The postal code, city and region of the address where your spouse or civil partner lives. If you are not sure, leave this line blank. Any struerlichen or individual that makes taxable supplies of goods or services, intra-Community acquisitions or imports in the course of a business in Germany, is subject to German VAT see 1. Log in No subscription? The street name for the address of your company’s headquarters. If it’s the same as the website on line 24, leave this line blank.

If you don’t charge VAT, your prices are lower for your customer. To read more about whether registration is possible, required or desirable, please see 3. For example, stock market income, bonds and interests. The current profession and the birth date of your spouse or civil partner.