Banjo Number One. Another view of my first banjo in process. Note the sections and joints making up the ring. Based on notes and drawings from Fox Fire Books . Foxfire continues to be a fresh, exciting experience for all of us because of the basic generosity and good will that run strong and deep within most people. This project was to build my own 5 string banjo on as low a budget as of the Fox Fire books and they have a wonderful section on making your own banjo.

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I’m thinking of building another one, maybe with 8″ stove pipe and trying some different woods, maple, cherry, walnut, birch. I was going to double it up then plane it to 1. The guitar tuners are not mounted symmetrically.

For Sale: Foxfire 3 Hicks, Proffitt, style **Update** (expired)

Did anyone make templates for shaping the neck? Expired, Item viewed times.

Beginning Bluegrass Banjo by Ned Luberecki’ 1 hr. Did give it a brighter tone Hatfield Custom Buckcreek’ 1 hr. I used laminated oak shelving for my first and only one.

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Here’s are foxffire of my “spare” and of one of Stanley’s letters regarding the project: If you’re making one according to the Carver Banjo plan, it has no perch stick, so just shape the tabs where the neck piece joins the body piece, to give you a slant. Forum Classifieds Tab All other pages. I should get them down. Doc Watson says his banuo made him one with the hide of their old family cat I also like the look of your low slung tail piece.


Foxfire 3 – Discussion Forums – Banjo Hangout

I would love to make a banjo some day That may be the best way to start, then go on to foxfure more homemade project. Small, light weight, sturdy, and peaceful enough for hotel neighbors.

A friend has a nearly identical instrument, but his is made of butternut. Didn’t build it myself, but I have a Stanley Hicks mountain banjo.

A home-made banjo of my own

Umm, you mean like, anybody with 0ver 20, posts should be getting a message[i] from the number itself? Sadly in a way, I would say that the most of the contributors have pasted on now and just think of the additional knowledge foxflre has been lost and not recorded.

Mine doesn’t look as good as some but I’ll bet it sounds nearly as good. I found poplar in several foxfige and short lengths at Home Depot.

How I made my neck, for those afraid they cant do this: Zsaba, there is a picture from the Foxfire book on foxfife first page of this post, showing an exploded view foxfrie the internals. I built myself a mountain banjo ala the Firefox book a few years ago but I have a tendency not to complete projects. It’s cheap, tough, a soft hardwood, stable. Email Newsletter Weekly newsletter includes free lessons, favorite member content, banjo news and more.

I’m gonna go look for some walnut tonight. Email Newsletter Weekly newsletter includes free lessons, favorite member content, banjo news and more.


He and very few bajno are my banjo audience. I had never built an instrument before, and this one is playable! Anyway, please keep track, and notify me when I get close to 22, posts, since that’s Five Of A Kind, and, in poker, would either be a winning hand with a wild card or get me shot as a cheater.

It was a good thing to do. Originally posted by MountainBanjo I built myself a mountain banjo ala the Firefox book Really love the fifth one up there, too. I think we had a ‘puter by then, but I don’t recall if I searched for anything.

Originally posted by Pluckin Mutha quote: I suppose that makes yours louder, huh?

People call me groundhog Join the Players Union! Here’s a photo of the Hick’s internal pot construction: If you’re specifically bajjo in the mountain banjo construction stuff you may be interested in my Proffitt-style banjo making information here: I am no good bano this stuff. The first was black walnut, from a tree that fell down in my mother’s yard.

I’ll try to post pictures sometime but it will be later. Here is an illustration from Firefox that shows how simple these are. Originally posted by mike gregory quote: