Option package consists of a board in the A, a ribbon cable and a board for the Fluke A IEEE Translator. The 1 A must be used to interface A. Fluke A Benchtop Timer/Counter. A broadband continuously variable, x, analog attenuator lets you add just enough attenuation to minimize the input. Here you will find a large selection of new and used Fluke A listed at special prices. Although some items match several categories, all of them are listed.

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Instrument Model and Serial Number. Coarse Time Base Adjustment Remove the bottom cover using the procedure described in Section 4.

Apply a I kHz,! Fuse Replacement If requested, an estimate will be provided to the customer before any work is begun on instruments that are beyond the warranty period.

While maintaining a i 0 mV rms input from the High Frequency Synthesizer, verify stable and correct readings at frequencies of I, 5 and 20 MHz.

The level of the flike point, with respect to zero volts, is determined by the position of the Offset control.


Observe static sensitive precautions. This term refers to the minimum time necessary for the instrument to process and display a measurement.

Fluke 7250A Timer Counters

Either ac or dc coupling may be used to transfer the input signal to the input conditioning circuitry. Vary the input level between lOmVrmsand IV rms; check for a proper display at all levels. For options, relevant paragraphs will contain the option number preceded by “6”. All optional or accessory items are documented in Section 6; refer to Table and for a listing of available options and accessories.

It does this by altering the bias voltage of the Current Source controller to turn off the current source. Make the following additional control settings: Checking resistance while removing pcb assemblies and socket-mounted integrated circuits may The A A input amplifiers signal conditioners exhibit very low noise.

Use the following procedure when making counts per minute measurements: Depending on the Slope Control setting, a positive or negative going Channel A input will now enable the Main Gate to pass the reference frequency. The display should readwith no decimal point or measurement unit.


Full text of “FLUKE A Instruction”

The 10 MHz reference frequency will now fluje counted for 1 cycles of the input signal: Check for a stable A display of 1. The op amp causes Ql to pass nominally m A through R 1.

Use the following procedure to replace the battery: The self check function can be used to verify the digital operation of the A. Frequency A Test If installed at the rear of the bottom case half, the bail will have to be removed to allow access. Solder a suitable length of 35 magnet wire between the fuse terminals. Compensation Effects Table For placement see Final Assembly, Figure Use the provided hardware to secure the time base to the Main PCB.

If reshipraent is necessary, use the original container. Use a non-ferrous alignment tool to adjust the coarse control for a display as close as possible to Self Check mode is- provided to demonstrate operability of most A circuits.