This is the kind of discussion you have when you play F.A.T.A.L.. Then there’s an oddly detailed but rules-light couple of pages on various. From the back cover F.A.T.A.L. is a role-playing game like no other. It has been nicknamed “The date-rape RPG where there are no rules for dating”. Currently. From the back cover F.A.T.A.L. is a role-playing game like no other. The largest Be wary, play F.A.T.A.L. if you dare. Core Rules (min needed to play).

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Well there are HUGE sections of the book you can skip on first read-through. Overall the game, the manual, the setting, and the system were considered to be page-long disaster.

F.A.T.A.L. | RPG | RPGGeek

I don’t know why this was in the character creation section so fuck it. We broke for pizza and caffeine and when somebody suggested we quit and finish up later I just stared at them with all of my anger until they backed down.

Well I still wouldn’t call it “realistic” at fafal. I think we had a Dwarf with really nice hair but whose worst feature was “crotch” so we ruled rulebopk was just really really hairy everywhere.

An example of a few spells follows; italicized spell names are ceremonial magic, and everything else is chaos magic:. Yes you can suddenly find yourself raping one of your enemies in combat accidentally. This is from the base of the dong fayal top, not from the base of the scrotum, as the game tells you.


The flame wars and counters to reviews have been preserved on the web. There’s a similar table for ACP anal circumference, potential and that was fun for all because everybody has an anus, not everybody has a vagina.

I was hoping that the four temperaments in the game were actually Choleric, Bilious, Phlegmatic, and Sad. The above image is licensed under GPL 2.

The next round continues.


Which makes no damn rulebook, but the math mostly works out in the end. The many many different combat mechanics are all totally crazybrains, weapons just do a lot of damage. But its really a system to support house rules. This comment has been overwritten by this open source script to protect this user’s privacy.

This page was last modified on 16 Novemberat Would it be this group? Just be aware there are at least two editions. No Web Links Found. We did end up with some entertaining characters due to terrible quirks of the system, though – like the freakishly strong, incredibly charming, highly intelligent, very debauched A peasant who has never held a sword?

When the topics of “anal circumference, potential” and “hat size” were discussed, the thread devolved into talking about one character ruulebook another as a hat. Yeah, they all saw the beginnings of the casting rules and decided it was too much work. Now that we’d all done it, it went pretty well and after about 15 minutes he was all caught up.


Our knight got caught in a wresting match with the last Ogre, but he came out on top.

Once I got them calmed down they all rolled for that modified by race of course then areaola color and hue, then cup size and nipple length. This is the kind of discussion you have while playing this game. Fantasy and the Adventuring Legends F. That is a stunning achievement, sir. My stopping point for the night: Of course nobody in my group qualified for said retard strength because the stats are so averaged, but it says a lot about the game that it’s there, and that it’s called rulebookk strength.

All of this was fata, 10 years ago.

Know what’s even dumber? Fztal, everyone wanted more detail about the F. Rules These rules can be viewed in greater detail here. We finished the pizza and soda while laughing about the more ridiculous aspects of the system. Submit a new link.