Mosca da família Asilidae // Asilid or ‘Robber Fly’ (Machimus sp.) This photo is in 2 albums. Asilidae items; Diptera: Flies items. Tags. Download Citation on ResearchGate | CATÁLOGO DE LAS ESPECIES DE LA FAMILIA ASILIDAE (DIPTERA) DE LA COLECCIÓN DEL IFML: I. ASILINAE. Minimal courtship behavior. Females lay eggs in the soil or in plants. A few, such as Mallophora and Megaphorus, form an egg mass on a plant stem (photo.

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The combination of high biodiversity and high predatory activity leads to this family playing an important role in the ecological stability of entomofauna.

Family Asilidae – Robber Flies

Dasypogon Eric Fisher on Asilidae classification pers. Please consider a year-end gift to Famipia The Prairie Naturalist 33 2: The Asilidae are predatorsboth in the juvenile stage and the adult stage, and feed on small arthropods, mainly insects. Tampilan Baca Sunting Sunting sumber Versi terdahulu. Pantophthalmidae timber flies Stratiomyidae soldier flies Xylomyidae wood soldier flies.

The Asilidae are cosmopolitanwith over described species.

Robber flies have stout, spiny legs and they have three simple eyes ocelli in a characteristic depression on the top of their head between their two large compound eyes. The postembryonic development consists of four larval stages instars and one pupa. Although predatory forms in the adult stage are present in other taxonomic groups of Diptera, the Asilidae are the most representative for the number of species and for uniformity of feeding behavior.


However, various authors have studied the population distribution in particular regions and ecosystems. Bibionidae march flies, lovebugs. In general the family attacks a very wide range of prey, including other flies, beetlesbutterflies and mothsvarious beesantsdragon and damselfliesichneumon waspsgrasshoppersand some spiders. Dixidae meniscus midges Corethrellidae frog-biting midges Chaoboridae phantom midges Culicidae mosquitoes. Pallopteridae flutter asilifae Piophilidae cheese flies Platystomatidae signal flies Pyrgotidae Richardiidae Tephritidae peacock flies Ulidiidae picture-winged flies.

Retrieved from ” https: Dalam proyek lain Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

The Asilidae are the robber fly family, also called assassin flies. Blephariceridae net-winged midges Deuterophlebiidae mountain midges Nymphomyiidae.

Asilidae – Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

They consist of a strongly sclerotized proboscis which includes the labium and maxillae which form a food canal, the labrum and a piercing organ, the axilidae.

The legs are relatively long and strong, with many macrochaetes performing a raptatorial function. Meliputi genera Stichopogoninae [9]. Though they are a very characteristic group for such a large family, the Asilidae may easily be confused with the related and less widely known family Therevidae.

Mosca da família Asilidae // Asilid or ‘Robber Fly’ (Machi… | Flickr

Special topics in biology series dalam bahasa Inggris. Asilidae adalah famili dalam ordo Diptera. Asilus crabroniformis is the type of the genus.

The fly attacks its prey by stabbing it with its short, strong proboscis injecting the victim with saliva containing neurotoxic and proteolytic enzymes which very rapidly paralyze the victim and soon digest the insides; the fly then sucks the liquefied material through the proboscis.


Cypselosomatidae Micropezidae stilt-legged flies Neriidae cactus flies, banana stalk flies. Coelopidae kelp flies Dryomyzidae Helosciomyzidae Ropalomeridae Huttoninidae Heterocheilidae Phaeomyiidae Sepsidae black scavenger flies Sciomyzidae marsh flies.

Order Diptera Linnaeus, The mystax has been suggested to afford some protection for the head and face when the flies deal with struggling prey ; various Asilidae prey on formidable species including stinging Hymenopterapowerful grasshoppersdragonflies and even other Asilidae, in fact practically anything of a suitable size.

Meliputi 68 genera Dioctriinae. Articles with incomplete citations from April All articles with incomplete citations Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from April All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from April Articles with ‘species’ microformats CS1 French-language sources fr Commons category link is on Wikidata Articles containing video clips.

The thorax is robust and compact. His morphology-only analysis of spp. A combined total evidence analysis was then performed, adding DNA sequencing data from 77 familoa the original spp. The wings are well developed, often relatively narrow for speedy flight; the alula is generally well developed, with the exception of Leptogastrinae and part of Dasypogoninae.